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Designing a Martial Arts Website

Designing a Martial Arts Website A martial arts website, done well, generates leads on its own with minimal supervision. These leads are a great supplement to the leads generated by events (summer camps, after school programs, birthday parties, etc.). A great website generates as many as 25 new leads a month. Some schools convert 1/3rd…Read More »

Maximize Your Output as a Martial Arts Instructor

As Martial Arts School Owners it’s difficult to find time to do anything. We have to teach classes, perform administrative tasks, talk to parents, teach after school programs, teach gym classes, and so many other things that I can’t even think of at the moment. The key to staying above water is making sure that we’re…Read More »

Are You Consistent?

Consistency may be the most difficult thing for any local business owner, martial arts school owners included. We constantly have things to do besides teaching classes. We have payroll, student attendance, calling leads, contacting old students, and so much more. Trying to carve out time to do these little things consistently is hard but critical…Read More »

Follow Up with Leads

4 Critical Moments to Follow Up with (and Convert) Leads If you’re like me reaching out to people for sales is the bane of your existence. Following up is just as difficult. However, outreach and follow up are crucial to all businesses. Martial arts schools are no exception.  If you’re not familiar with the sales process…Read More »

6 Steps to Building Your Facebook Audience

The race to figuring out Social Media Marketing is still going on. LinkedIn has 106 Million monthly active users. Pinterest just surpassed 150 Million monthly active users. Twitter has amassed 317 Million monthly active users. The behemoth Facebook has assembled an ungodly 1.79 Billion monthly active users, making a Facebook audience critical to success. It’s your job to…Read More »