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Tip for Network Marketing Success

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Ben Farley: Ignite Your Life Episode 2

The second episode of the Ignite Your Life Podcast has gone live!

Check out the episode here https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ben-farley-ignite-your-life-podcast-episode-2/id1209237702?i=1000382385640&mt=2, and read about Ben Farley and about how important finishing is below.

I would like to expand further on Coach Farley’s idea of FINISHING and how important this is.

Regardless of the size of the obstacle in front of you; regardless of the skill level of the opponent standing across from you, when the focus is on finishing you play on your terms and the power lies in your own hands.

You will start to ask yourself did I give everything I had to give? Did I give it my best effort up and through the moment when coach blew the whistle at the end of practice? Did I give it my best effort up and through the last tick of the game clock? When you ask yourself these questions you will likely find you do have more to give…and so you will start to dig deeper than you ever thought possible.

You will gain a sense that your strength lies in the struggle. You will put forth endless effort directed at stretching your limits, and you will constantly strive to push beyond your personal bounds. With this quest to finish and achieve your personal best the unknown becomes familiar. You will have
access to the intangible qualities of personal and performance excellence, and you will know how to tap into them because you do it all the time. You know this is a battle that must occur day-by-day, hour-by-hour, and minute-by-minute. By fighting this fight so frequently you are prepared both mentally and physically action ac. Seizing each and every second regardless of the circumstances brings consistency. When you know what you are made of, and that defining moment comes, you will respond the way you always have…by finishing. Check the best csgo betting sites.

Finally, when you focus on finishing you may not always win but you will find victory in a deeper commitment, an elevated confidence, and a stronger character. Check here https://maidwhiz.com/. And that is exactly what you will need if you want to secure success in the future. My book, Master Mental Toughness was written for athletes just as much as it was for martial artists. If you are interested it can be found on amazon. If you have any interest in sport psychology or working with a sport psychologist please check out my website at http://www.igniteyourlife.org.

Martial Arts Content Creation

The Perfect Content for a Martial Arts Website

This is part 4 of a four part blog post. Use the following links to access each part if you want to start at part 1 or just want to read other parts.

Part 1: Generating Leads with a Martial Arts Website | Part 2: Martial Arts Website Design Basics  | Part 3: Martial Arts SEO | Part 4: Martial Arts Content Creation

If you’re using this blog post as a sort of guide for building a martial arts website you’ll have everything put together except for actual content. We covered forms for visitors, Social Media accounts, special offers, and all other bells and whistles. The last thing is to make sure you’ve got the rest of the content needed for a website.

Content for a martial arts website can be broken into 3 categories:

  • Prospects Student Information
  • Current Student Information
  • Content Marketing: Blogs, Reports, and Social Media

Information for Prospects

The information for prospects that visit a martial arts website starts out basic, but quickly becomes complex (and without consensus). The basic pieces of information for a martial arts website is as follows:

  1. Location(s)
  2. Phone number(s)
  3. Programs (kids, adults, tiny tigers, etc.)
  4. Instructors
  5. Information about the school itself (history, philosophy, etc.)
  6. Contact information
  7. Details about the martial art and its benefits

Information 1 through 4 is pretty simple, so we will skip over explaining this part. Point 5 we talked about earlier. However, point 6 may need a bit more explanation.

The most critical pieces of information include pages and/or reports that explain the various aspects and benefits of martial arts. From character development and confidence build to self defense and fitness, a good martial arts website has pages that explain what the primary martial arts style is (Taekwondo, Karate, MMA, etc.) and what benefits the students get from training at that school.

All of these pages are marketing pieces (which we alluded to earlier when talking about good copy). These pages answer frequently asked questions in a genuine manner and provide good marketing. As mentioned in the first part, these pages also need to include forms for visitors to request more information.

Information for Students

When students visit a martial arts website they are typically looking for one specific piece of information. That piece of information is typically…

  1. School’s phone number
  2. Information about upcoming events (dates, times, location, etc.)
  3. Information about signing up for activities (summer camps, etc.) or
  4. The school’s schedule

The phone number should be prominently featured on the front page of the martial arts website. This makes it easy for prospects and students who prefer to talk to a living person to inquire over the phone.

Information about events needs to be easy to find. Some schools like to have a single “Events” page and post flyers for all of their events to that page while others prefer to have a single page for each event. What really matters is that this information is freely available and easy for students to find.

On a good martial arts website it’s easy to enroll in summer camps and afterschool programs online. Enrollment and payment is handled online. If an event is only for students, websites may have a sign up form online. Students (or their parents) then pay in person at the school after signing up online.

The last bit of information – the school’s schedule – is a bit more controversial.

Some school owners think that their schedule needs to be private and only available to students and people who visit the school in person. Others believe that the schedule should be publicly available so that prospects unable to make class times screen themselves out. The important part of this is to consider how having the schedule public available could impact the sales process. For example, if a school owner does free one-on-one trial lessons, it may make more sense to keep the schedule private. School owners that have first timers jump straight into beginner classes may want the schedule publicly available.

Martial Arts Content BlogContent Marketing a Martial Arts Website

The newest trend in marketing is known as content marketing. Despite this being the new trend, content marketing has been around for at least a decade. It’s the tactic that bloggers used to become authorities in niche areas and dominate search engine rankings.

Content Marketing is becoming big because lots of tricks that people used in the page for SEO have stopped working. These tricks stopped working because they were easy to manipulate. People created websites that ranked high in search results and then collect data on people visiting the site while collecting money through advertisements. Once they had lots of information on people they sold that data for profit. Less than savory to say the least…

So now we turn to content marketing. When maximizing content marketing for a martial arts website, the basics are:

  1. Write Blog Posts
  2. Post to Social Media

Blogging is surprisingly simple for local businesses. Martial arts school owners merely need to collect a handful of questions that prospects frequently ask and then answer those questions in blog posts. Posts are ideally at least 300 words and the website’s key search terms appear frequently. After it is written the post is added to the blog on the website. Simply put, this will help websites rank higher in Google.

Posting to social media helps rank the social media accounts in Google and potentially helps rank a website (if that website is connected to the social media accounts). If a website ranks plus a Twitter account, and a Facebook page, that will knock two other related search results off the first page sandiegodowntown.com. As a bonus, websites like Facebook give local businesses a strong and professional presence. Post frequently and the school’s social media pages will start ranking alongside the website.

Side Note: An excellent resource on posting to social media is the book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuck. This book outlines the basics of posting to any social media account plus the nuances of each social media platform extremely well.

One Big Project That Pays Off

Once a website is built it doesn’t need to be redesigned for years. There are often small changes that need to happen (replace an old offer with the new offer), but a good martial arts website works for years.

Even when a martial arts website does need to be updated, it’s much easier to upgrade a good website than a bad website.

Here are the few things a school owner (or other employee) will need maintain for a website:

  1. Blog Posts
  2. Social Media Posts
  3. Check Google AdWords Monthly
  4. Check Search Engine Results Monthly

All of this can be handled with only a couple hours of work a week (at most). See more info at orchidmaids.com.

School owners will see the leads start coming in once the website is finished. Website leads are a nice addition to all of the other events and activities that schools run. It gives a steady stream of leads coming into the school that require minimal a lot less work than community engagement.

Read about what else can help you create the perfect Martial Arts Website.

Part 1: Generating Leads with a Martial Arts Website | Part 2: Martial Arts Website Design Basics  | Part 3: Martial Arts SEO | Part 4: Martial Arts Content Creation

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me at shawnk@mamnetwork.com.

Martial Arts Marketing Network creates done for you martial arts websites. MAMN websites generate leads, are user friendly, and so much more! To learn more about the Martial Arts Marketing Network’s Done-For-You Website click here.

Martial Arts SEO – Ranking in Search

Martial Arts SEO

Martial Arts Search Engine Optimization

This is part 3 of a four part blog post. Use the following links to access each part if you want to start at part 1, already read this part, or just want to read other parts.

Part 1: Generating Leads with a Martial Arts Website | Part 2: Martial Arts Website Design Basics  | Part 3: Martial Arts SEO | Part 4: Martial Arts Content Creation

Once a website has been created and the marketing copy written, the website will need to be Search Engine Optimized. For a martial arts website to be Search Engine Optimized means that the website shows up on the first page when someone is looking for a martial arts school in their area. (search Milwaukee Martial Arts and look at J.K. Lee’s Black Belt Academy for a good example).

There are lots of things that go into SEO and lots of debates about certain aspects. However, there are a couple of basics we can talk about here:

  1. Know what searches people are using to find martial arts schools
  2. Know how to get a website to the top of the search results for that page
  3. Use Google AdWords and purchase Pay Per Click Ads
  4. Link Website with Social Media

Know Keywords and Search Terms

Martial Arts Google TrendsThere are a limited number of search terms that people tend to use in order to find martial arts schools, although they vary depending on the area that the martial arts school is in.

Using resources like Google Trends and Google AdWords, one can figure out how popular a search term is and whether that term is increasing or decreasing in popularity. Trends and AdWords help in researching what search terms a website needs to target bluetooth handsfree bäst i test.

Know that the difference between targeting keywords and not doing so is like taking a shot in the dark. Every once in awhile a martial arts website without target keywords will get a qualified lead, but that will mostly be due to luck. Targeting search terms can help people looking for martial arts schools find a specific martial arts website easier. The people visiting that website will also be exactly the type of person that website wants.

Martial Arts SEO Be at the Top of the Search Results

There are lots of ways to get to the top of the search results and they change frequently. This is because Google and other search engines are constantly trying to give people better results for their search terms. However, the basics have remained largely unchanged for a while:

  1. Using targeted keywords frequently throughout the martial arts website
  2. Linking to pages within the website and off the website
  3. Having other websites and pages link to the website
  4. Including photos and videos in addition to text on each page
  5. Post Content frequently (see content marketing below)

There are a lot of specifics to each of the above points, but those are the basic principles of SEO. Doing these things puts a website ahead of the local business website curve.

Use Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Advertisements

Martial Arts SEO and AdwordsGoogle AdWords is a tool for analyzing search keywords and setting up Pay Per Click advertisements. Google allows us to determine which painting company in Ireland has the best customer-friendly rates. Pay Per Click Ads give us a larger presence on the results page for those keywords.

When someone searches something like “Milwaukee Martial Arts”, we can pay to have an advertisement show up on the Google results page. This allows us to double our presence for targeted keywords. This CollectiveRay Elementor article might help.

To make use of Google AdWords, figure out what your key search terms are (like above) and then pay to have ads. Depending on the amount you’re willing to invest in these ads versus other schools in your area, you will end up with higher or lower ad rankings. It also depends on your area https://whitelilaccleaning.com/. Some people spend $20 a month and have the top ad placement spot for their keywords. Others pay $60 or more to rank third in Google their ad placement.

Martial Arts SEO and Social MediaLink to Social Media

As Social Media continues to grow Search Engines consider Social Media presence more and more when looking at what websites to show on the results page.

Social Media helps websites appear at the top of search results. This is done by adding links that lead off the martial arts website (more important than links that lead to pages within a website) and establishes links that lead to the martial arts website from another website (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). This creates a larger network centered around the martial arts website and establishes the martial arts website as a legitimate and credible source to Google.

Currently there is not a lot of strong evidence that posting to social media (like Facebook and Twitter) improves a website’s rankings sd airport transport. However, at MAMN we would not be surprised if Google’s algorithm ranked websites with active social media accounts higher.

Posting to social media consistently helps raise the ranking of the social media pages associated with martial arts schools. Ranking a social media page can be just as critical as the martial arts website’s performance as more and more people turn towards Facebook and other social media for food, clothing, and other business recommendations.

Read about what else can help you create the perfect Martial Arts Website.

Part 1: Generating Leads with a Martial Arts Website | Part 2: Martial Arts Website Design Basics  | Part 3: Martial Arts SEO | Part 4: Martial Arts Content Creation

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me at shawnk@mamnetwork.com.

Martial Arts Marketing Network creates done for you martial arts websites. MAMN websites are designed to generate leads, be user friendly, and much more! To learn more about the Martial Arts Marketing Network’s Done-For-You Website click here.

Martial Arts Website Design Basics

Martial Arts Website Design Basics

This is part 2 of a four part blog post. Use the following links to access each part if you want to start at part 1, already read this part, or just want to read other parts.

Part 1: Generating Leads with a Martial Arts Website | Part 2: Martial Arts Website Design Basics  | Part 3: Martial Arts SEO | Part 4: Martial Arts Content Creation

We’ve covered the actual purpose of a martial arts website (to generate leads), but we also need to cover the basics of a martial arts website.

What does every martial arts website need? How should the website it look? What services does each website need?

There’s lots of little technical stuff that is needed for any website. All of that is covered elsewhere on the Internet at VPNarena. What will be covered here are the general needs for a successful website.

There are four key things that every martial arts website needs:

  1. User friendly and looks nice
  2. Mobile responsiveness
  3. Good marketing copy
  4. Contact Forms

We’ve already covered point 4 (forms for contacting the school and requesting more information) above, so we will leave that as is. But what about everything else?

User Friendly and Looks Nice

Martial Arts Website About Us PageBack when Martial Arts Marketing Network started, most websites had become obsessed with Flash animations on websites. Flash could (and still can) do a lot. It was considered hip, cool, and high end. As time went on people in the industry realized that no one wanted to wait for these animations to load, especially when they were just looking for basic information (phone numbers, operating hours, etc.). Quickly the website industry as a whole stopped using flash animations on websites.

This story is relevant because it quintessentially shows the problem with having a website look nice and be user friendly. Flash animations looked cool, but websites stopped being user friendly because of them convert here.

The real point? User friendly trumps looking nice or cool (although both are still critical).

Being user friendly is surprisingly simple –

  • Website loads quickly
  • Content is easy to find
  • Website works well on all devices (phones, tablets, etc.)

That means no flash, header menu titles are intuitive, and website pages are kept short (although, they should still be as long as they need to be to get the point across).

Every website needs content, forms, headers, and menus. How to balance all of those things and making it look nice is more a matter of opinion and there are lots of ways to evaluate whether a website looks nice. However, a good rule of thumb Martial Arts Marketing Network uses is the KISS method – “Keep It Simple Silly.”

Stick with the basics, keep it simple, and have good marketing copy.

Mobile Responsive Martial Arts Website

Mobile Responsiveness

In 2015 more people accessed the Internet on their phone than they did through their computers. That was two years ago, and the number of people who access the Internet via phone is only increasing sd airport transport. There are lots of other statistics about smartphone usage that prove all websites need to be mobile responsive. I’ll leave some of them here in case anyone is curious.

Mobile is the preferred platform for many users who access the Internet and consume media. If a website is not optimized for mobile many users will leave without even a second thought. This is because it’s not user friendly.

Being Mobile Responsive also helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google has not only told the marketing community that mobile responsive websites rank better, but they put together a Mobile SEO guide.

Good Marketing Copy

Just like any written attempts at sales, the key to selling online is good marketing copy. Websites are no different than any other written sales copy.

Similar to “what makes a website look nice”, there are lots of opinions on what makes for good marketing and sales copy. There are tons of books on what makes good marketing and Martial Arts Marketing Network has its own perspective on what works, find plumbing services in corona. Because of this we won’t go into our beliefs. Instead MAMN encourages research into good marketing copy. An excellent starting point is The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy. For many this is considered the best resource to have for writing good marketing copy.

Read about what else can help you create the perfect Martial Arts Website.

Part 1: Generating Leads with a Martial Arts Website | Part 2: Martial Arts Website Design Basics  | Part 3: Martial Arts SEO | Part 4: Martial Arts Content Creation

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me at shawnk@mamnetwork.com.

Martial Arts Marketing Network creates done for you martial arts websites. MAMN websites are designed to generate leads, be user friendly, and much more! To learn more about the Martial Arts Marketing Network’s Done-For-You Website click here.


Designing a Martial Arts Website

Designing a Martial Arts Website

A martial arts website, done well, generates leads on its own with minimal supervision. These leads are a great supplement to the leads generated by events (summer camps, after school programs, birthday parties, etc.).

A great website generates as many as 25 new leads a month. Some schools convert 1/3rd of those leads into new students. That is 8 – 9 new students a month just by having a good martial arts website.

To generate that many leads a martial arts website must be built and designed with purpose. A martial arts website will fail to bring in new students if it isn’t built with purpose. When this happens school owners (and more generally local business owners) end up running in circles. Owners try to fix certain aspects of the site, find out a fix doesn’t work well if at all, and then try new fixes. This cycle of fixes could rack up thousands of dollars in charges!

This blog post is written so that any martial arts school owner can develop the perfect martial arts website. Lead generation, school representation, and being user friendly are the top priorities of a martial arts website, visit seooneclick.com.

This post is split into four parts:

Generating Leads with a Martial Arts Website

Martial Arts Website Design Basics

Search Engine Optimization

The Perfect Content for a Martial Arts Website

These parts are in order of importance. That doesn’t mean a martial arts website will work with only some of these parts. Each of these parts is critical to maximizing the return on a martial arts website,.

Each section is broken up into generalized steps that any martial arts school can use. This will help school owners develop the perfect martial arts website. The purpose of a martial arts website is to generate leads. This brings prospective students through the door. What school owners do once a prospect comes through the door is up to them.

Generating Leads with a Martial Arts Website

MAMN Martial Arts Website Lead FormEvery website needs a purpose. For some businesses the purpose of a website is to have a digital presence. The website provides people more information about the home cleaning business in Colorado and little else, like an advice how to clean the oven, including wire racks. A martial arts website, however, needs to be doing MUCH more than that.

A good martial arts website generates qualified leads for the school owner to follow up on.

There are lots of ways to encourage visitors to get in contact with the school. The easiest way to get leads with a website (other than putting the phone number on the home page) is to set up contact forms. These forms should be present throughout the website.

Martial Arts websites also need special online only offers.

A third (and optional) way to get people to inquire is to have sign up forms for public events and activities. When a school hosts Summer Camps and Afterschool Programs there should be a way for visitors to sign up for these events.

Online software such as iContact and MailChimp are great ways to create forms that are easy to put on websites. Another option is to create forms with a Contact Relationship Management (CRM) software. CRM software is often the best because it integrates with email and other services easily.

Contact Us and More Information Forms

MAMN Done For You Martial Arts Website Contact FormGood martial arts websites give visitors lots of opportunities to get in touch with the school.

Creating a “Contact Us” page with the phone number and a contact form is step one. Step two is creating a form for requesting more information. A form for more information belongs on pages with information about the school and the benefits for students.

When someone calls or fills out these forms they expect to reach someone. It’s the responsibility of the school owner or employee to address the questions of the lead genuinely. After their questions are answered the prospective student should be invited to come into the school to experience martial arts first hand. This could be a one-on-one lesson, jumping into a beginners class
, or just coming in to tour the school

Special Martial Arts Website Offers

MAMN Done For You Website HomepageAn online-only offer is a great way for a martial arts website to entice prospects while screening out people who may find the prices too high or are unwilling to commit.

An offer engages prospects and asks them to put down a small amount of money for a short trial course ($19.99 for 2 weeks, $49.99 for one month + a uniform, etc.). If the offer is difficult to purchase or redeem, this will not work. Highly effective offers are simple to purchase and redemption is initiated by the school.

Top martial arts schools allow prospects to pay online and send an automated email after a purchase. This email informs the prospect that a representative of the school will contact them shortly to schedule their first class. It’s then the school employee’s (or owner’s) responsibility to contact the prospect quickly and schedule the first class. Phone calls are ideal for scheduling lessons. This is quicker and helps build rapport right right away (instead of email or text).

When the trial student gets towards the end of the trial offer (or in the middle if they are very excited) they are sold on enrolling in a longer term program.

Events and Activity Signup Forms

Lots of parents are looking for Summer Camps and Afterschool programs for their children. Events and activities are great ways to get more people through the doors of a school, develop a relationship with the community, and generate more leads.

Schools that host events and activities open to the public typically include signup forms on their website. The ideal setup is to have prospects purchase entry to the event online. If the event is free the school only collects contact information.

Confirmation calls are made to everyone who signed up 24 hours beforehand. This reminds them about the event and increases the chances that people will commit to and show up to the event.

A soft sell approach is used at the end of each event to bring non-students back to the school. New prospects then try out a free class (or two) or a one-on-one lesson.

Read about what else can help you create the perfect Martial Arts Website.

Part 1: Generating Leads with a Martial Arts Website | Part 2: Martial Arts Website Design Basics  | Part 3: Martial Arts SEO | Part 4: Martial Arts Content Creation

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me at shawnk@mamnetwork.com.

Martial Arts Marketing Network creates done for you martial arts websites. MAMN websites generate leads, are user friendly, and so much more! To learn more about the Martial Arts Marketing Network’s Done-For-You Website click here.

Maximize Your Output as a Martial Arts Instructor

As Martial Arts School Owners it’s difficult to find time to do anything. We have to teach classes, perform administrative tasks, talk to parents, teach after school programs, teach gym classes, and so many other things that I can’t even think of at the moment. The key to staying above water is making sure that we’re spending our time wisely and making time to do things that need to be done.

As a school owner we should make sure that we’re taking advantage of Prime Time and Down Time. We also need to make sure that our instructors understand the difference between them and what their priorities should be during that time.

Prime Time vs. Down Time

Prime Time is when you have students at your school or at you are at an event. If you are actively teaching martial arts, you’re in Prime Time.

Down Time is when you have no students present and you are not at an event. Down Time is basically any time that isn’t Prime Time.

The question is, do your instructors know the difference and are they making the best use of Prime Time and Down Time?

Prime Time

Prime Time can be broken down into two part: Classes and Events.

Class Time

Your focus for classes is first and foremost to give students a great experience. As the school owner you get to decide what you think that experience should be. However, whatever experience you decide upon it needs to be great.

During classes there is the time where you are actively teaching and the time between teaching. Ideally there is about 10 – 15 minutes of time you teaching (during this time students should be warming up for class). Those 10 – 15 minutes are critical for building rapport with students’ parents.

Take time to talk about little Jimmy’s report card, or how he’s behaving at home. Talk to parents about what their children are doing well in and what their children need to work on. This builds your relationship with your students’ parents. You also gain the knowledge you need to help each student individually.


At events there are two primary goals:

  1. Provide an amazing experience
  2. Generate leads

Primary focus is on creating a great experience. That experience will depend on what type of event you are running.

If you are giving a demonstration, the focus is on making that a great experience. The best chiropractors escondido says if you’re teaching a gym class or after school program for kids the focus should be on creating a great experience for those children. Regardless of the event, have a plan for making the event killer.

Secondly your goal is to generate leads. How you do this is also dependent on the event you are running.

After demonstrations is a good time to make yourself available to people who were watching. Talk to people who seem interested and get their information so you can call them later.

If you’re running an after school program, make time to talk to parents when the children are being picked up, visit temeculafacialoralsurgery.com. Build the relationship and, at the end of the program, talk to parents about becoming students in the future, get their information, and then contact them.

Remember, if you don’t get leads you can’t get new students. No new students means you aren’t growing and you won’t be able to keep your school open.

Down Time

There are lots of things to do during your down time, but it can be broken down into 4 parts:

  1. Building Relationships
  2. Scheduling Events
  3. Marketing
  4. Administrative Tasks

Building Relationships

During Down Time you should be setting aside time to build relationships with anyone and everyone that you interact with as a martial arts school owner. This includes students, students’ parents, PTA, local Schools (and their admin team), and other local businesses (especially if you run a charity event that looks for sponsors).

Some examples of building relationships:

  • Spend time putting together packets of information on gym classes and after school programs for school administrators and deliver them in person
  • Put together a packet of information on self-defense seminars and give them to the PTA at local schools
  • 2-4-6 Calls / Emails for New Students (check in with new students 2, 4, and 6 weeks after they enroll to make sure they’re happy)
  • We Miss You calls – if someone hasn’t been to class in a couple of weeks, call them and tell them you miss them

There are lots of other ways to build relationships, but you should be building relationships during your Down Time.

Scheduling Events

You should always be working on scheduling more events with a focus on at least 2 events a week. This helps you get fresh leads, instead of just waiting for people to visit your website and contact you.

Good examples of events to schedule that work with the community to build your reputation and school:

  • Gym Classes – teach gym classes at your local schools
  • After School Programs – teach children after school and donate the enrollment fee back to the school
  • Women’s Self-Defense Seminars – host women’s self-defense seminars at your school for students and their friends
  • Boy Scout & Girl Scout Events – invite local Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups to come to your school and have a fun afternoon of martial arts (sprinkled with focus and discipline)

There are 1001 different types of events that martial arts schools can do to get their name out there. Pick a few, focus on scheduling those events and making them great experiences. Once you have those down pat expand your repertoire.

Marketing Your School

You should be spending at least 30 minutes a day marketing your school. Ideally you should be setting aside 60 minutes daily for marketing.

Marketing comes in all forms, but your focus should be on developing your lead generating marketing efforts every day. Whether it’s emails, improving your website, entering leads into a spreadsheet and calling them, or ordering print advertisement, you should be spending an hour a day on your marketing efforts.

Note: Scheduling events and building relationships can be indirect forms of marketing, so spending time on those two activities is like a double whammy. Schedule events that will generate leads for your martial arts school and you will have take care of two birds with one stone.

Administrative Tasks

The last thing that you should focus on is your general administrative tasks. Things like payroll, checking attendance, following up on missed credit card charges, and other administrative tasks should only happen while students are outside of the school.

Training Your Staff

It’s incredibly important that you train all of your staff to understand the difference between Prime Time and Down Time. This includes junior staff and volunteers. If your Junior Staff is chit chatting with their peers instead of building rapport with students’ parents they are missing an opportunity to help students.

Instructors and Enrollment Directors should also be very clear on the difference and focused on using their time wisely.

If an Instructor comes into the school during Prime Time and starts processing payments, they’re missing key opportunities to work with students and those students’ parents. They also have their priorities in the wrong place (not to say they aren’t good employees).

Onboarding New Instructors and Junior Instructors

Take time during onboarding to outline for Instructors and Junior Instructors the difference between Prime Time and Down Time.

Prime Time is when students are in the school or you are at an event. Down Time is when there are no students around and you are not at an event.

Prime Time focuses are on providing students with a great experience in class or at events and building rapport with students, their parents, and whoever is watching you at an event.

Down Time focuses are on building relationships with people other than students and their parents, scheduling events, marketing, and various administrative tasks.

If you teach them this they will have the principles necessary to optimize each and every day.


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