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At the Martial Arts Marketing Network (MAMN) we have a mantra we repeat to ourselves every day — “help our clients do what they love.”

That’s what we’ve been focusing on since 2007 and, as a result, over the years we’ve developed more and more services to be able to do this better and better.

Our team loves helping our clients grow and, like you, we’re always looking for new clients.

What we’ve found is the best way for us to get a new client is to provide some of our services for free so a school owner can experience, first hand, if MAMN is a good fit for their school — or not.

However, we’ve also found that school owners have different needs so offering every school owner the same thing doesn’t make any sense.

Martial Arts Marketing Network Free Consultation CallSo, here is what we do instead.

1. Provide a free phone consultation with a school owner to better understand their needs

2. Based on what we learn, put together a free package of services customized to meet the school owner’s most pressing needs (usually we can decide what this looks like within a couple of days).

The school owner can then decide if they want to take advantage of our offer or not (there is no obligation to do anything).

The market value of the packages we put together vary — but they’re usually worth several hundred dollars.

Obviously, our goal is that you love what we’ve done for you and you become a client but, again, there is no obligation to do anything further with us.

To sign up to schedule a consultation call with us, just fill out the form below and someone will get back to you within a day or so.

NOTE: as you’d expect, we can only work with a few school owners at a time on these free offers and the demand is great. If we’re backed up, we might not be able to schedule the free conference call right way.

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