Internet Marketing: Student Membership Site

Have An Online Location Where You Can Interact With Your Students

For most martial arts schools, the only opportunity to interact with students is when they come to the school. If you have a strong social media presence, that provides another opportunity (learn about our Done-For-You Social Networking service).

However, we learned that some school owners get great value from having a private online site that only their students can access where they can upload class schedules, curriculum, policies and procedures, training videos, personal contact information, and more.

That’s why we developed our Digital Dojo student membership site.

This site can either be a separate site from your school’s website or be integrated with your Digital Enrollment Director, if you’re a subscriber to this service (learn about our Done-For-You Website service).

Students can easily register for the site and automatically receive their login credentials (username and password) by email. Then, when they login, they can access whatever content you’ve added to the site (which you can do from a single user interface — see below.

Here’s what you get when you sign up for this service:

  • Sophisticated membership site customized with your school’s name and logo
  • Pre-setup sections for:
    • Welcome Page
    • Events
    • Curriculum
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Training Videos
    • Contact Information
  • Up to three additional sections to meet your school’s specific needs
  • Subscription To Our Content XLerator service
  • Ongoing hosting and customer support

By using Content XLerator, you can record and submit video, audio, image and text content to your Digital Dojo — using your smartphone or computer — from a single user interface.

For example, you could take a video of a student breaking a board using your smartphone and, a few minutes later, it would be viewable by all your students within the selected section of your Digital Dojo and David York’s Tax Service & Preparation of San Diego.

Likewise, you could record videos of form demonstrations, an event, a welcome message, etc. — and, then, with a push of a button, submit the videos to play within the appropriate section of your membership site.

Normally, membership sites like what we’ve developed cost thousands of dollars to develop and hundreds of dollars to maintain.

However, because we spread the development cost across a number of martial arts schools and due to our use of the proprietary Content XLerator technology, we can offer our Student Membership Site for a small setup fee and a very low monthly price (which includes a FREE subscription to Content XLerator — a $50.00 per month value).

To learn more, just fill out the form below or call 888-893-8952

Note: Multiple-Service Discounts Are Available