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You run a martial arts school to have the freedom to do what you love. That probably doesn’t include spending your time on marketing, SEO, software systems, Google Adwords, developing new curriculum, prospect follow-up, content marketing, etc. This “other stuff” is required for success but, if you don’t like doing it, it’s likely not being done well.

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We Do The “Other Stuff”

What we love to do is all the “other stuff” – the stuff you shouldn’t spend your time on. Since 2007, we’ve been helping traditional martial arts schools become the recognized authority in their community by leveraging our expertise in all aspects of school management and marketing. The result – profitable growth, with no gimmicks or selling out.

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Our Passion

We share your passion for martial arts — that’s why it’s all we do. We’re not one of the thousands of local-business marketing outfits who don’t understand the business of martial arts. However, we don’t express our passion for martial arts by teaching forms or kicks (that makes us nervous!). Instead, we love doing the things that probably cause you headaches:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • School Curriculum
  • Book Publishing
  • School Management
  • Prospect Follow-up
  • Staff Development
  • and more…

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You teach martial arts, we want to promote local martial art schools. We have passion and practice doing all that ‘other stuff’ eating at your time. If you’re ready to take the next step while doing less work click the button below, see if you’re a good fit, and start your customized plan. We’ll even get started on that plan – for FREE!

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