Our business was formed in 2007. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of school owners grow their schools. As a result, we deeply understand the martial arts industry.

In addition, despite the unrelenting Internet changes, we’ve stayed at the forefront of what used to be nice-to-have website features to what are now absolute requirements for martial arts school success. Our efforts have generated tens of thousands of new students for our clients.

However, as stated above, we work with ONLY ONE martial arts school in any geographical area. Our view is that there can only be one school with the premier one-of-a-kind Internet location in an area, and we want that school to be our client’s school – so we refuse to work with more than one.

Another important element of our business is that we work with our clients to personalize their online presence.

With our online lead-generation system, we take our feature-reach website and enable school owners to make it their own with logos, photos, reviews, events, certifications, and other school-specific content.

For our advertising campaigns, we have built a library of advertisements proven to work that we customize for each customer. We have learned what gets parents’ attention and, more importantly, what compels them to sign up for a trial.

Also, due to our unique business structure with a network of school owners who have exclusive rights to our work within their geographical area, we regularly get ideas from individual customers that we can apply to all our clients.

Finally, we do all of the above with our mission always in mind – to remove the pain and time sink of digital marketing so our clients can spend their time doing what they love while still growing their school — teaching and practicing martial arts.