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Martial Arts Marketing Network is dedicated to giving martial arts school owners the freedom they need to focus on their passion. We do this by taking care of online marketing – websites, social media, etc. – so that you don’t have to. Continue reading to learn what Martial Arts Marketing Network can do for you.

Done-For-You Martial Arts Website

and Online Lead Generation System

At Martial Arts Marketing Network we work to free up your time so that they can focus on your passion: teaching students. Website creation and maintenance requires lot of time, energy, and know-how. Often times that means you have to do it yourself or hire someone. But often times those websites don’t work for you.

We do ALL of the technical stuff for you and our websites are designed to generate leads for new students while giving you an online presence.

You can focus on teaching while leads are sent directly to you.

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Expert Curriculum and Certification

The Martial Arts Marketing Network offers 3 courses that certify you as the Expert in your community. All of our courses guarantee location exclusivity so you can be the certified authority in your area.

Each course includes online video lessons, downloadable resources, quizzes, certification, and marketing resources (including a dedicated website) to establish yourself as the expert in your area.

All instructors at your school will have access to these courses so everyone is certified to teach this material.


The Verbal Martial Arts Course and Certification

  • In conjunction with Vistelar (the world leading authority in conflict management with over 30 years of experience) and Master Chan Lee (owner of 6 schools with over 1700 students) Martial Arts Marketing Network developed the Verbal Martial Arts Course. This course teaches school owners how children can handle bullies without making things worse. Children taught this material will be given the skills and confidence to engage and ward of bullies using only words.

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The Defense Expert Course and Certification

  • Martial Arts Marketing Network offers The Defense Expert course developed by Dave Young, an internationally recognized defense tactics trainer who has been teaching police, corrections and military professionals for 30 years. This course focuses on how to handle real world threats and encounters. School owners and instructors will be certified in US Fighting Systems.

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The Active Shooter Expert Course and Certification

  • Martial Arts Marketing Network is proud offer Dave Young’s Campus Safety: Strategies for Surviving an Active Shooter program. This program is designed for anyone who spends some part of their day within a campus environment. This program certifies school owners in active shooter preparedness and active shooter response.

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Done-For-You Martial Arts Social Media

Much like creating and maintaining a website, Social Media takes lots of time. Creating engaging content, posting it to social media, and maintaining an audience is a full time job. Marketing firms charge anywhere from $500 to $2000 just for setup and can charge hundreds to thousands of dollars to keep posting content.

We do all of your Social Media for you at a fraction of the cost. We create accounts, maintain them, create content, post frequently and post consistently. This is in part because of our proprietary software Content XLerator. We create and post content for you so you can focus on developing students instead of a Facebook audience.

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Other Services

Martial Arts Marketing Network offers a host of other services as well:

  • Content XLerator Social Media Software
  • Monthly Video Subscription for Social Media & websites
  • School Automation Software
  • Kids Safe Instructor Certification
  • and Consulting Services

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