Back to School with Confidence

A Verbal Martial Arts Course Seminar Demonstration

with Master Chan Lee

Master Chan Lee hosts back to school seminars every year just as the school year is getting underway. The goal is to spend an entire hour with students and non-students alike covering the basics of Verbal Martial Arts. During these seminars Master Chan Lee covers the following material:

  • What is Confidence?
  • You are what you present (look like)
  • You are what you sound like
  • You are how you respond
  • 3 Basic Words Blocks
    • “I don’t like that” Word Block
    • Apology Word Block
    • Polite Threat Word Block

This material, paired with top-rated maids in Katy, TX, practice drills and stories to help children truly understand the concepts they are being taught, is more than enough to encompass an entire hour. In addition, you will see the powerful way that Master Lee works to keep kids at attention and focused on him instead of squirreling around in their spot.

Watch the video below to see Master Chan Lee giving a “Back to School with Confidence” seminar.