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Almost 10 years ago Master Chan Lee was struggling to get into local schools. He wanted to teach children confidence, discipline, respect, and how to defend themselves against bullying. Unfortunately he could only rarely get past gatekeepers and, even when he did he was never invited back.

Raise your hand if you’ve run into any of these obstacles trying to work with local schools:

  • School doesn’t return your phone calls
  • School doesn’t return your emails
  • School asks for credential you don’t have
  • Difficulty overcoming the “violence” associated with martial arts
  • Front office workers never pass on your message to the principle or other administrators
  • After school programs set for school year before you can talk to anyone
  • Have to talk with PTO / PTA to do after school programs

Master Chan Lee, in response to these obstacles and many more, worked with Vistelar to develop a credible anti-bullying program that he could teach his students. He then realized that this anti-bullying material was the perfect material for local schools.

Master Chan Lee used the credibility of Vistelar and the incredible anti-bullying program they built together to overcome every obstacle schools threw at him.

Schools that refused to even talk to him previously reviewed this new program and had him teaching gym classes!

In 2010 this anti-bullying program was formalized into the “Verbal Martial Arts Course.” School owners around the country began using the exact same program Master Lee developed a decade ago to start gettin into their own local schools.

Now, Martial Arts Marketing Network has updated this program!

With updated material the Verbal Martial Arts Course will teach you what your students need to combat bullying. In addition, the course now includes an entire lesson on leveraging this course to get into local schools, become the exclusive bully expert in your area, and explode your school’s growth!

The updated course is still a little ways away, but we want to give school owners an opportunity to see this updated course as soon as possible. So, we’re going to be launching a “beta” version of this course. Beta users will get access to this all new material before anyone else and get to provide critical feedback that will help shape the course as we continue towards launch.

School owners who are beta users will get special pricing when the new program is launched and receive some valuable extra bonuses.

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