New Curriculum: The Bully Expert

Become the premier anti-bullying resource for kids in your area … and watch your enrollments explode

Bullying is one of the biggest issues facing kids, parents and schools and everybody is scrambling for answers. In fact the US Department of Education now requires schools to have an anti-bullying program in place or risk losing federal funding.

In response, the Martial Arts Marketing Network teamed up with Vistelar to develop Verbal Martial Arts in 2009. Vistelar is the leading conflict management training company in the world with over 30 years of on-the-street experience.

Today, we have hundreds of clients throughout the world teaching Verbal Martial Arts in their school and, because we offer exclusive territories, positioning themselves as the recognized anti-bullying authority in their local area.

Verbal Martial Arts is based on Vistelar’s world-renowned Verbal Defense & Influence program that trains professionals in multiple disciplines (law enforcement, education, healthcare, business) how to minimize conflict and, if conflict occurs, prevent it from escalating to emotional or physical violence. Verbal Defense & Influence is offered via both live and online training programs and is the subject of five published books (in Vistelar’s Confidence In Conflict series) with more in development.

Our clients have seen the following business-building benefits by being The Bully Expert in their community.

  • Increased child enrollments and retention
  • Money-generating community seminars
  • Local media attention
  • Increased school credibility
  • Invites into local schools to provide anti-bullying workshops

As you know, getting invited into schools is more difficult than ever. Offering Verbal Martial Arts is a proven approach to make this process much easier. Hundreds of martial arts school owners have taught this curriculum to almost a half a million students across the country. School administrators beg for our clients to come back more often.

By being a certified instructor of Verbal Martial Arts allows you to have a dramatic impact on the lives of the kids in your area and, at the same time, grow your school.

Verbal Martial Arts is unique because:

1. It is based on Verbal Defense & Influence, a proven methodology that’s been tested on the streets for over 30 years, taught to hundreds of thousands, and covered in five published books (Confidence In Conflict book series).

2. It is not like other programs that just offer statistics on the significance of the problem and tired old advice (that doesn’t work) like “ignore it,” “walk away,” “fight back,” and “tell the teacher.” Instead, it provides specific training for victims on HOW to develop a bully shield and defend yourself if attacked. For bystanders the program teaches HOW to effectively intervene in bullying situations.

The development of this program was led by Master Chan Lee, owner of 6 martial arts schools in Milwaukee, WI with over 1700 students.

Since implementing Verbal Martial Arts in 2009, Master Lee has abandoned traditional forms of advertising. Instead, he focuses all his school-growth efforts on urgent repairs and promoting his school as Milwaukee’s Bully Expert – with explosive results.

Our hundreds of clients throughout the world are doing the same in their exclusive territories — with no competition.

Bullying can’t be stopped but it can be effectively managed, if kids get the right training – and your school can be the only source for that training in your community.

When you become a certified Bully Expert martial arts school, here is what you get:

1. Exclusivity in your local area. We only allow one martial arts school to be certified in each community.

2. Access to our 14-module credentialed online course at Fayetteville Technical Community College (FTCC), an academic institution accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1976.

3. Framable certificate that verifies your completion of a college-credentialed course on anti-bullying instruction.

4. Training materials (sent by UPS) that include:

  • Six DVDs with over 5 hours of video training
  • 150-page manual with course information, PowerPoint slides and our exclusive Car Talk handouts to provide to your students’ parents

5. A local Bully Expert lead-generation website for your martial arts school. This unbranded website positions you as the anti-bullying authority in your community independent of your martial arts school ownership (see example at: Includes the renowned Anti-Bullying Toolkit.

6. Listing on, our national website where parents can search for a certified Bully Expert school in their area.

7. Opportunity to generate additional revenues by selling Manage Bullying products in your community.

8. Access to an online training resource with comprehensive information on how to use Verbal Martial Arts to generate media attention, get into schools, enroll new students and enhance student retention.

9. Regular conference calls with Master Chan Lee and other certified school owners where the latest and most effective curriculum and marketing ideas are exchanged.

10. Access to a wide range of Bully Expert marketing materials, such as posters, postcards, advertisements, media press releases and wristbands.

11. Association with a public relations campaign to promote our network of Bully Expert schools.


Given the established credibility of this program, we should be charging thousands dollars to become a certified instructor, which allows you to position yourself as The Bully Expert in your local community. Then, on a monthly basis — with the website, local-area exclusivity, listing, ongoing marketing support — we should be charging hundreds of dollars per month.

However, because we want every community to have a Bully Expert, we’re offering our Verbal Martial Arts Certification for a small initial fee and a very low monthly price.

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Verbal Martial Arts Course Modules

  • Identifying Anger Guards
  • Block the Attack
  • The Art of Apology
  • The Polite Threat
  • Working the Crowd
  • Whoa, Time Out!
  • Are You Listening?
  • De-Code What You Know
  • When Words Alone Fail
  • Setting the Stage for Success
  • Make Them Stop
  • Now is the Time to Act
  • Do the Right Thing
  • The Way of the Warrior