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Excerpt #1

I recognize that sport and competition are powerful phenomena and that they have strong influence in our society. Not until my involvement with martial arts, however, have I seen an athletic endeavor where developing character is so closely intertwined with developing physical capability. Building moral character, mental discipline, and respect for oneself and others, is a daily emphasis and not merely a by-product of the overall experience. This Asian discipline and it’s holistic approach truly targets the cultivation of the physical, the philosophical, and the spiritual. It is a unique way of life that has captured the hearts and minds of so many, not only in Far East, its place of origin, but also around the world.

Excerpt #2

Martial arts can provide athletes with an experience where they can not only seek relief from the constant assault on their psyche, but also obtain an arsenal of tools to defend against this assault. The martial arts curriculum is delivered in such a manner where optimism is emphasized encouraging enthusiasm; affirmation is experienced every day thus inspiring motivation; and positive expectations hearten your efforts urging you to achievement. The physical endeavor of martial arts is also fortified with an action philosophy that sets it apart from other sports.

Excerpt #3

As the physical action of martial arts improves your strength, speed, and stamina, its action philosophy begins to advance your way of thinking and your world view. When physicality and philosophy are paired in such a manner, the depths to which this experience will influence your spirit are much more profound. As you engage in the series of challenges laid out before you, your journey is paralleled by an increasing power that is not just limited to the physical realm. This power progresses through body, mind, and spirit, and it permeates your entire being. This complete progression of power is achieved by mastering the trials created within the core curriculum of martial arts.

Excerpt #4

One of the most distinguishing features of the martial arts is the use of the multi-color belt ranking system. The inspirational system of achievement is not only a superior form of goal attainment, but one I feel surpasses every other method of motivation I have encountered. The way it uniformly implements the elements of classic goal setting theory provides the opportunity for every athlete to shine.

Excerpt #5

I have come to find that the psychological principles necessary for personal and performance excellence are embedded within the teachings of martial arts. The very skills I utilize to help athletes are inherent in the martial arts experience itself. These are also the very same qualities that coaches are looking for in their athletes, and that teams are looking for in their team mates. Better that these skills are included in the building blocks of your psychological profile and the foundation of your experience before you start your competitive career, rather than learn you are sorely missing them when the demands of competitive sport are already upon them. With a persisting pursuit of the physical nature of martial arts and its action philosophy, the intangibles of athletic excellence are not only made tangible to athletes, they become integral components of their core character.

Excerpt #6

For myself, I came to find that the physical flow of martial arts not only permitted me to once again engage in my love of meaningful physical movement, but its philosophy and fusion of mind, body, and spirit has captivated me. This balanced pursuit of excellence has made me happier, healthier, and more complete. For my family, I found that martial arts does not separate us, it actually brings us together. We can train at the same time and even side by side. We share in the experience and learn together. “My” experience quickly became “our” experience. This has become the single most important reason as to why my martial arts training has outlasted any other athletic endeavor I have taken on in my adult life.

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