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Be the Recognized Authority in Your Community by Becoming a Published Author

There is no better way to enhance your credibility than to become a published author. “You’ve written the book on it.”

That’s why we have teamed up with Truths Publishing to enable school owners to co-author a book with one of the leading sport psychologists in the world, Dr. Peder Piering.

To become a published author, you just need to write a chapter (a story) for one of our “Life Skills For Kids” books — with this title:


Each volume of this book series will have about 15 to 20 coauthors (exact number will depend on the length of each contributor’s chapter/story). Each chapter (story) in the book is 350 to 1800 words long (2 to 6 pages in a 6″ x 9″ book) so this is a pretty simple project to complete. You can even record your story verbally and we will transcribe and edit it.

At the end of each chapter, the coauthor’s name and school name will be listed.

Also, the books ordered by each coauthor will have a custom back cover that will include their photo, a brief biography and contact information for their school.

Dr. Piering will write the introduction and the lead chapter for each book, which enable the coauthors to be associated with a true authority with these credentials:

Dr. Peder N. Piering is a Clinical & Sport Psychologist, in private practice since 2001 with a focus on student athletes. He has worked with thousands of kids to help them overcome obstacles, extend their limits and attain peak performance. His credentials include:

  • Certified Consultant – Association of Applied Sport Psychology
  • US Olympic Committee – Sport Psychology & Mental Training Registry 
  • National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • First-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • Author of  two other books: The Mental Road to the Major Leagues and Master Mental Toughness

Imagine the value of being associated with a clinical and sport psychologist with these credentials.

Once we have enough coauthor story submissions for each book, we will compile and edit the manuscript and then send it out to all the coauthors for review and approval of their chapter. Then we will take the book through the production process (final editing, cover design, internal layout, printing setup).

The next step is to publish the book to Amazon (publisher Truths Publishing) and order print copies for all the coauthors. Two weeks later you will have printed copies of your book in your possession — and you will be a published author.

A Published Book: Your #1 Marketing Strategy

You can then use your book for a variety of purposes:

  • Sell it in your school’s store and/or at local businesses
  • Give a free copy to all new prospects and/or students
  • Use it as a “calling card” when visiting local schools
  • Donate a copy to your local public library and K-12 school libraries

Just imagine what this would mean to you and your school’s reputation in your community. You are a published author!

If you follow any local business marketing expert, you know that almost all of them strongly recommend authoring a book. In fact, for many, having a published book is their #1 marketing strategy.

Here are just a couple of recent articles that make the case for becoming a published author:

“If you want to be considered an authority in your field, then writing a book is your best ticket to get where you want to go.”

Note: there are some very great ideas on how to use your book as a marketing tool in this article (Impress Prospects, Attract New Business, Raise Your Rates, Generate Referrals, Attract Media Coverage, Dazzle At Trade Shows, Develop New Profitable Programs, Conduct Speaking Engagements, Sell Large Quantities).

“For any business, there is no more essential tool of authority than authorship.”

A Published Book: An Almost Impossible Project

The publisher of the Life Skills For Kids book series, Truths Publishing, has worked with dozens of authors, some of whom had previously published a book through other means. The horror stories we’ve heard would make your blood boil (e.g., countless rejection letters, two-year timeframes, tens of thousands of dollars of up-front expense, poor quality production, thousands of dollars to print an initial inventory of books).

The reality is that every business owner knows the value of becoming a published author — but they don’t do it because of the time involved in writing and editing a book, the expense and complexity of producing a book and the cost of purchasing an inventory of books.

The Done-For-You Book Author Service

In contrast, with our Done-For-You Book Author service, you just write (or verbally record) a 350 to 1800 word (4 to 20 minute) inspirational true story about one of your students and submit an online form with your biography and what we need for the custom back cover (brief biography, photo, school contact information) — and we take care of the rest. Then, after a review by you of the final manuscript, your book will be published to Amazon (as both an eBook and a print book) and you’ll have an initial inventory of books in your hands. The book published to Amazon will have a generic back cover and the print books you order will have a custom back cover with your photo, biography and school’s contact info.

Thereafter, you can purchase books in whatever quantity you want at wholesale prices.

But, here is the best aspect of this service — the lead coauthor of your book is one of the leading sport psychologists in the world who is a huge advocate of martial arts.

For example, here is a paragraph from one Dr. Piering’s previous books:MMTEbook (1)

The primary reason I wrote this book was to reveal the mysteries of mental toughness hidden within the experience of the martial arts. Whether you are a student of martial arts or not, there are valuable lessons to be learned. In fact, I have used these insights to fortify the lessons I teach to the athletes I work with. The second reason I wrote it is to strongly encourage young athletes to actually engage in martial arts training, at least, in tandem with their athletic endeavors. Ideally, I would recommend you to initiate your training in martial arts before your days of competitive sport even begin. In sport you are taught how to throw, catch, and kick. You are taught how to run faster, jump higher, and be stronger. Rarely, however, are you taught how to think and feel regarding how to go about achieving these tasks successfully while under pressure.

Check Out Other Excerpts From Dr. Piering’s Previous Books

The reality is that there aren’t very many individuals, if any, with the proven expertise to be the lead coauthor for a book like Life Skills For Kids.

Dr. Piering has put together a book that clearly communicates the value of martial arts for all, but especially for young athletes.

How the Done-For-You Book Author Service Works

Once you sign up to become a published author, you will be redirected to a page where you can submit your inspirational true story about a student at your school, your biography and the information we need for the custom back cover of the book (brief biography, photo and school contact information, including school name, address, website and phone number). If you write your story, it should be 350 to 1800 words in length. If you record it, it should be about 4 to 20 minutes in length. In either case, this should be a pretty simple and not-time-consuming project.

Once we receive enough stories to complete a book, we will compile and edit the stories into a final manuscript — and send you a copy to review.

We will then take your book through the production process, which includes final editing, cover design, internal layout and printing setup. Then, we’ll publish your book to Amazon and send you the number of copies you have ordered.

Thereafter, you can order whatever quantity of books you want at wholesale prices and they will be delivered within a couple of weeks.

Our Ridiculously Low Price

As mentioned above, it costs months and months of time and tens of thousands of dollars to get a book published.

If you hire a ghost writer it costs ten to twenty thousands of dollars more.

Then, you still need to manage the cost and logistics of getting books printed.

With the Done-For-You Book Publishing service, you pay one low fee for all our editing and production — and, other than you submitting your story, photo, biography and school information, we do all the work.

Then, each time you want to order your book (in whatever quantity), you just place a simple online order with us and we handle all the printing hassles — and your books are delivered in a few weeks.

We know of other businesses who do something similar and they charge over $2,000 to be part of a compiled book.

However, in our efforts to support the martial arts industry, we’ve decided to keep the initial fee really low:  $495.

Given the incredible value a published book will bring to your martial school, signing up for this service will probably be the best marketing investment you’ve ever made.

The retail price of the book will be $20.00 and, as you may know, the normal wholesale price of a book is usually 50% of retail — so, if you were a traditional book store buying this book for re-sale, you would pay $10.00.

However, because we’ve established a partnership with a real book publisher (Truths Publishing), we were able to negotiate a price of just $8.00 per book.

In addition, for high-quantity orders, we can offer even a lower per-book price.

To get us started in editing and producing your book, just click on the Order Now button below. This will take you to our secure online order form and, once you submit your payment, you will be referred to the coauthor submission form. We will also send you an email with a link back to this form.

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We look forward to you becoming a published author!

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