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Promote the Value of Martial Arts with a Book By a Recognized Authority

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As a martial arts school owner/manager, you know the incredible value of martial arts. However, when telling others about this value, you only have two options:

  • Your verbal or written marketing/sales pitch
  • Testimonials/references from your current students

Imagine if, in addition, you had a book written by leading clinical and sport psychologist that extolled the positive impact of martial arts. You could use such a book for a variety of purposes:

  • Sell it in your school’s store and/or at local businesses
  • Give a free copy to all new prospects and/or students
  • Use it as a “calling card” when visiting local schools
  • Donate a copy to your local public library and K-12 school libraries

Now, imagine the value of such a book to the marketing of your school, if the last several pages had a description of your school, your biography and promotional information on how to get started as a student in your school.

Historically, such a book hasn’t been available. There are books about martial arts written by martial artists, but none are written by someone outside the industry — with strong credentials — that explains the value of martial arts.

With the publishing of Master Mental Toughness by Dr. Peder Piering such a book is now available.

Dr. Peder N. Piering — Clinical & Sport Psychologist

This book is a result of a combined effort of the Martial Arts Marketing Network, an established book publisher (Truths Publishing) and Dr. Peder N. Piering.

Dr. Piering is one of the leading sport psychologists in the world and his book does an exceptional job of promoting the value of martial arts.

MMTEbook (1)

For example, here is a paragraph from the book’s “Certain Victory” chapter:

The primary reason I wrote this book was to reveal the mysteries of mental toughness hidden within the experience of the martial arts. Whether you are a student of martial arts or not, there are valuable lessons to be learned. In fact, I have used these insights to fortify the lessons I teach to the athletes I work with. The second reason I wrote it is to strongly encourage young athletes to actually engage in martial arts training, at least, in tandem with their athletic endeavors. Ideally, I would recommend you to initiate your training in martial arts before your days of competitive sport even begin. In sport you are taught how to throw, catch, and kick. You are taught how to run faster, jump higher, and be stronger. Rarely, however, are you taught how to think and feel regarding how to go about achieving these tasks successfully while under pressure.

Check Out Other Excerpts From The Book

When the Martial Arts Marketing Network launched this project, we knew we needed to find an author who was a recognized authority and, when we were introduced to Dr. Piering, it was clear we needed to look no further. Here is a summary of his credentials:

Dr. Peder N. Piering is a Clinical & Sport Psychologist, in private practice since 2001. He has worked with thousands of athletes — ranging from professional status to those with recreational interest — to help them overcome obstacles, extend their limits and attain peak performance. His credentials include:

  • Certified Consultant – Association of Applied Sport Psychology
  • US Olympic Committee – Sport Psychology & Mental Training Registry 
  • National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology
  • Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • First-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • Also author of The Mental Road to the Major Leagues

The reality is that there aren’t very many individuals in the world, if any, with the proven expertise to write a book like we wanted — so we were lucky to have found Dr. Piering.

After months of work, with ongoing feedback from the team at the Martial Arts Marketing Network, we now have a book that clearly communicates the value of martial arts for all, but especially for young athletes.

Check out the back cover of the book (click to view larger).

Back Cover of Mastering Mental Toughness

How This Service Works

To take advantage of this incredible marketing resource, you have three options:

1. Purchase books from us at wholesale pricing (you could also purchase the book from Amazon but you would pay more).

2. Pay a fee to have us customize the book for your school and then purchase customized books at wholesale pricing.

3. Write additional content for the book and become listed on the book cover as a coauthor.

With the second option, we will create a version of Master Mental Toughness just for your school with some additional pages at the back with:

  • A description of your martial arts school
  • Your biography
  • A promotional page on how to contact your school

You just submit an online form with the needed information and, within a couple of weeks, we will have your customized book ready to be proof-read by you. We’ll then make the necessary edits and, after another proof-reading, send it off to our on-demand printer.

With the third option, your book will have the additional pages (like with option #2) — but, in addition, it will have content written by you and you will be listed as a coauthor of the book. Therefore, in addition to the added pages in option #2, your book will have:

  • Your name and title on the cover
  • Your photo and biography (which we will help you write) on the back
  • A section in the book’s introduction that highlights your background and experience (which we will help you write)
  • An author page with your photo and an extended biography (which we will help you write)
  • If desired, a Foreword and/or an Epilogue written by you (which we will edit for you). This is where you can add some real content to the book.

With all three options, you can order whatever quantity of books you want at wholesale prices and they will be delivered within a couple of weeks.

Our Ridiculously Low Price

For option #2, the up-front fee to get Dr. Piering’s book customized for your school is just $195.

For that fee, we will collect the need information from you (school description, your biography, promotional info), professionally edit your submission, layout a new version of the book with additional pages about your school at the back and send the final layout to you for your approval. Then we will make any needed changes based on your input, and handle all the printing logistics.

For option #3, the up-front fee is just $995.

For that fee, we will do everything as with option #2 but, in addition, we will include the additional content you submit and you’ll be the coauthor of the book (a published author!). You just submit the additional content — either in writing or as an audio file (which we will transcribe) — and a few weeks later we will have your book ready to be proof-read by you. We’ll then make the necessary edits and, after another proof-reading, send it off to our on-demand printer. With this option, we get things started with a phone consultation to discuss the details of you becoming a published author.

For option #1, there is no up-front fee.

With all three options, each time you want to order books (in whatever quantity), you just place a simple online order with us and we handle all the printing hassles — and your books are delivered in a few weeks.

Given the incredible value of having a book — written by a recognized authority — that promotes the value of martial arts, your cost of purchasing this book will probably be the best marketing investment you’ve ever made.

We’ve set the retail price of the book at $20.00 and, as you may know, the normal wholesale price of a book is usually 50% of retail — so, if you were a traditional book store buying this book for re-sale, you would pay $10.00.

However, because we’ve established a partnership with a real book publisher (Truths Publishing), we were able to negotiate a price of just $8.00 per book.

In addition, for high-quantity orders, we can offer even a lower per-book price.

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If you select Option #3, following your order you will be redirected to a page where you can submit the information about your school. In addition, we’ll send you a link to another page where you can submit your additional content you’d like added to the book. You can submit this content in written form — or we’ll provide you with a means to submit your content verbally and have it transcribed for you).

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