Also, to ensure our clients have an effective system to follow up with all the leads they will be getting, we provide a detailed report on how to follow up with leads to maximize the likelihood of turning them into new students. The content of this high-value report is based on experimentation by many top school owners over many years and, if followed, produces stellar results.

The lead follow-up process outlined in this report can be implemented manually or partially automated using your student management system (our lead-generation system integrates with many of the currently available student management systems). If you don’t have an email/text automation system, we can implement one for you.

For all of our clients, we host a one-hour Zoom call once a month to answer school-owner questions, brainstorm marketing ideas, and present tips on how to grow your school.


For our website clients, we can even embed a private membership site for your parents and older students that can house:

• digital versions of paper handouts
• belt-level-specific content
• video resources
• live and recorded video streams of your classes

For an extra fee, this private membership site can be pre-loaded with an anti-bullying training program for parents and kids developed by the Martial Arts Marketing Network in conjunction with the world’s leading conflict management training company. This online on-demand course includes eight anti-bullying video lessons, downloadable overviews and “car talks,” video class demonstrations, and foundational conflict management training.