New Curriculum: Active Shooter Expert

Be A Resource To Your Local Schools Concerning Active Shooters

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On average, it takes law enforcement 26 minutes to respond to and end an active shooter situation. With shooters able to get off 40 rounds per minute, campus personnel need to know the necessary steps to take during the time they are on their own.

Every K-12 school must prepare for an attack by an active shooter and must know how to respond should an attack occur.

The Martial Arts Marketing Network has teamed up with US Fighting Systems and Vistelar to offer the Campus Safety: Strategies for Surviving an Active Shooter program. Developed by US Fighting Systems in conjunction with Vistelar this course offers comprehensive training programs that address active shooter preparedness and response.

US Fighting Systems is taught by Dave Young, an internationally recognized defensive tactics trainer who has been teaching police, corrections, and military professionals for over 30 years. He offers 70 professional training courses to public safety professionals throughout the world, and has been featured in People Magazine and on CNN. Vistelar is the world-leader in conflict management with over 30 years of on-the-street experience.

This course is designed for anyone who spends some part of their day within a campus environment, making it perfect for martial arts school owners, their instructors, students, and students’ parents.

There are other active-shooter programs, but we’ve identified a huge gap in the training that’s available. It’s nearly impossible to get everyone trained – both initially and over time.

The time, cost, and logistics required to train everyone for an active shooter scenario makes initial training and ongoing training difficult. To ensure that everyone can be trained, the Campus Safety program offers live training and on-demand training. Individuals can access this course from any Internet-connected device.

The goal of the online program is to enable everyone to get this much needed training – in a simple, fast, and affordable way – to increase the chance of surviving an active shooter attack.

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Through our online training students can:

  • Get immediate access to the training
  • Progress at their own pace via short lessons
  • Work in increments (and, when they return, know where they left off)
  • Print progress reports
  • Download and print their training certificate upon completion

Each lesson has printable guided notes and four Units:

  1. Lesson Introduction
  2. 5 – 9 minute instruction video
  3. Short summary with downloadable resources
  4. Four question quiz to ensure they understand the material taught

The Martial Arts Marketing Network has worked with US Fighting Systems and Vistelar to offer the following specials for martial arts school owners.

  1. Take this course and, upon completion, download an official certificate that you can print and post in your schoolOrder Now
  2. Offer this course to your local schools
    • Purchase multiple seats for the course (at a special discount) and provide them to a local school at no charge
    • Sign up as an affiliate re-seller of the course and, when a school purchases seats using your affiliate, you earn an affiliate commission
  3. Become certified to teach a basic Active Shooter program at your local schools
    • Requires taking this online course and attending a 2.5 day hands-on training program
    • You would purchase multiple seats for the course (at a special discount) and then school personnel would go through the online course and then get follow-up live training from you. You can charge whatever you want for this blended training program.

With this “facilitator” program, school staff complete the online program first. Then the school-owner’s job is to deliver live training using the facilitator workbook (click to view the first two pages) to supervise activities and role-playing scenarios. By using a “blended” approach like this allows us to translate 30 years of real-world experience into a program from which school staff can learn what they need to know and that martial arts school owners can easily teach.

To take advantage of our special martial arts school owner offers please fill out the form to the side or call Pat Morgan at 888-893-8952 to learn more.

Course Description

This program is a two part course with the first part focused on active shooter preparedness and the second part focused on active shooter response. The total program takes less than five hours to complete.

Course Outline:

  • Getting Started
  • Introduction & Goals — importance of remaining alert, being decisive, having a pre-planned practiced response
  • Identify, Log, Report — how to maintain a vigilant awareness of student behavior
  • Safety Plan — how develop a school and classroom plan for dealing with an active shooter; how to
  • Conduct School Safety Walks
  • Prepare — how to develop your tactical leadership skills; the basics of tactical emergency first aid
  • Escape — your first and best option; how to identify the best escape routes; managing movement
  • Barricade — your second option; how to prevent the shooter from entering your location
  • Defend — your third option; how to use weapons of opportunity, disarm the shooter or directly engage a shooter
  • Stages — what to do at each of the seven stages on an active shooter incident; how to work with local law enforcement
  • Conclusion — bringing it all together

Dave Young, a Vistelar Director of Training, is the principle subject matter expert for this program. You can learn more about the origins of Vistelar’s tactical training programs here.

In developing this program, Vistelar drew upon Dave’s 25 + years as a professional trainer in the Marine Corps and for law enforcement, as well as the decades of combined experience of Vistelar’s other subject matter experts in conflict management.

Dave developed one of the first active shooter training programs for the Marine Corps in 1990. This course is the first time Dave’s expertise has been shared in an online program.

The content of this program is based on real-world experience, not academic theory (e.g., flawed strategies like “lock-down” are not discussed). And you’ll never see this training made easily accessible to potential attackers on sites like YouTube.

Special Introductory Pricing

The normal price of this online program is $99.00 per student.

However, for a short period of time, we are offering special introductory pricing.

You can order one to six copies using the schedule below. Otherwise, please call us (877-690-8230) to learn our campus-wide volume pricing.

# of Staff














Again, these introductory prices will only be available for a short period of time.

Take advantage of these prices now by filling out the form to the side or calling Pat Morgan at 888-893-8952 to learn more.

Active Shooter Course Curriculum

Here is just some of what students will learn in this course:

  • Profiles and common traits of the active shooter
  • Conducting a threat assessment
  • How to develop a school/classroom safety plan
  • Understanding the role of the leader in a crisis
  • How to use hand and and sound signals
  • Identifying possible escape routes
  • How to barricade a location
  • Selecting and using weapons of opportunity
  • How to move groups of students to a secure location
  • Basics of tactical emergency first aid
  • How to work with local law enforcement