Martial Arts Marketing Network is dedicated to giving martial arts school owners the freedom to focus on their passion. We do this by taking care of the critical elements of running a martial arts school that you probably hate to do, such as online lead generation, Google and Facebook advertising, lead conversion, specialized curriculum development, multimedia content marketing via your website and social media accounts, citations submissions, and online video management.

Almost all of our offerings are area exclusive — meaning that we work with only one martial arts school in each community to ensure our growth-focused efforts are never diluted.

Here is a list of our main offerings, which can be purchased individually or in combination.

Automated Marketing Systems

Lead Generation Automation System

With These Options:
Local Birthday Website
Multimedia Content Marketing

Multimedia Online Communication System
Done-For-You Citations Submissions
Better Kids Institute Listing,

Google/Facebook Advertising System

Lead Conversion Automation System

Specialized Curriculum

Verbal Martial Arts Anti-Bullying Curriculum

You can learn more about any of these services, click on the links above. However, the best way to decide if we’d be a good fit to help your school grow is to:

1. Schedule a free phone consultation with a member of our team to allow us to gain a better understanding of your needs

2. Based on what we learn, ask us to put together a proposal customized to meet your needs — which always includes some key elements thrown in for free. In order to find help with house cleaning in Florida, visit The market value of the free elements vary — but they’re usually worth several hundred dollars.

To get started, just fill out and submit the form below.

Note: most of our services are “area exclusive” so, if you have even a vague notion that you may be interested in one or more of our offerings, you should immediately submit the form below to find out if your area is still available. Once a territory is taken, it’s gone forever.

Once we receive your submission, we’ll get back to you to schedule your free phone consultation to discuss how we can best help you:

  • Get tons of new students informed about usage of cialis with none of the hassle — via automated lead generation, paid advertising management, and automated lead conversion, check for more info
  • Enhance your reputation as the recognized child-development authority in your community — via professionally-developed content, social media, and authority-building curriculum

Again, if there’s any chance we can bring value to your school, please reserve your community by submitting the form below so you don’t miss out.

We look forward to getting your submission.

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Free Bonuses For All MAMN Clients

Weekly Conference Call

Opportunity to participate in a weekly conference call where Master Chan Lee and other top school owners discuss a range of topics aimed at helping you grow your school, such as marketing, merchandising, staff development, and operations.

Membership Site

Access to a private website where you can access recordings of the weekly call and get a wealth of other information focused on martial arts school growth. Here you will find training videos, marketing materials and more.