Content Marketing: Content XLerator

Create and Send Video (+more) Everywhere At Once — Simple, Fast, Easy

Content XLerator is an online multimedia platform technology that enables anyone to create and send video, audio, image and text to multiple destinations from a single user interface — using any Internet-connected device (smartphone, tablet, computer).

This proprietary technology integrates seamlessly with the Done-For-You Website and Done-For-You Social Networking service.

It provides a single interface from which school owners can do all their content marketing — the process of creating and sharing relevant, valuable, story-driven content – in multiple media formats – to attract, convert and retain customers in a target market. Content marketing is the best approach to becoming the recognized authority in your local community – resulting in more students, higher prices, greater loyalty and lower marketing costs.

Content XLerator enables content authors — via a smartphone, tablet or computer — to record/upload multimedia content (video, audio, image, text) and have it automatically publish to multiple online locations (website, blog, YouTube, social media, iTunes, email).

You can use this system to record and submit content to your website and social media accounts, capture testimonials from your students, send video/audio emails, use videos in class for training, share large files and more.

Content XLerator simplifies the management of video/audio, eliminates the hassle of having to log into numerous online accounts to submit content and enables student-generated content (just send students a link to your submission portal and they can be part of your content marketing team).

Given the completeness of Content XLerator’s feature set, if you wanted to manage a multimedia content marketing effort (without the availability of Content XLerator) you would need the following tools:

  • Private video hosting system (with video converter and video uploader)
  • Selected (depending on your needs) single-purpose video apps
  • Private audio hosting system (or embedded website solution for audio)
  • Video and audio podcast hosting system
  • Social media management tool

The price of each of these tools is tens to hundreds of dollars per month. So, to do what you can do with Content XLerator — using multiple tools — would cost several hundred dollars per month.

Even then, you wouldn’t have access to the unique functions of Content XLerator and you’d have the extreme hassle of working with multiple tools.

Because we’ve integrated all the needed functionality into a simple tool, we are able to offer Content XLerator for just $50.00 month. Please keep reading below for everything you get for this one low price.

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Here are just some of the martial-arts applications of Content XLerator:

  • Simple recording of video or audio using a webcam, tablet or smartphone
  • Collecting student testimonials/stories/reviews from students in all media formats
  • Simple, fast and easy distribution of multimedia content to multiple locations
  • Simple addition of multimedia content to your blog, member site or eCommerce system
  • Video and audio email
  • Large file sharing
  • Time-shifted video interviewing
  • Training applications

For training, an instructor can use their smartphone to record a student performance and, a few  minutes later, have the video available for viewing and critique on the school’s website and sent to the student using a special play link.

Here are the main features of Content XLerator

  • Supports video and audio recording/uploading via a smartphone, tablet or webcam (video recorder)
  • Provides private hosting for all media types, including podcasts (video uploader, video converter, video player) for an unlimited amount of data
  • Sends multimedia content (video, audio, file, image, text) to multiple locations (website, social media, email, apps)
  • Enables collection of customer-generated content, such testimonials, stories, reviews – in video, audio and text formats

The technical elements that make these features possible are as follows:

  • Supports video, audio, image and text – eliminates the complexity of managing online video and audio
  • Displays distributed content on any browser – automatically converts video to multiple file formats
  • Works with all internet-connected devices – all smartphones, tablets and computers are supported
  • Provides multiple methods of implementation

 Content XLerator offers the functionality of all of these tools in a single system