Attention: Martial Arts School Owners

Facebook is a gold mine for your school
So why are you struggling to get new students?

Whether you are advertising on Facebook or not, I guarantee there are new students going to your competitors that should be yours.

My name is Evan Oelschlaeger and I head up the social media advertising team at the Martial Arts Marketing Network. We’ve been helping martial arts school owners grow for over 15 years. 

One thing I’ve learned is that school owners must wear a lot of hats and marketing often doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Given that the Internet — with all its complexities and constant changes — is now the dominant way to get new students, this issue is even a bigger problem. 

That’s why we’ve developed our:

Done-For-You Facebook Advertising System

Here’s how it works. 

When you sign-up, our team will meet with you to develop a budget and discuss finding the right advertising message for your school — factoring in such things as your style of martial arts, the unique aspects of your school, topics to avoid, etc.

Then, we will write up this discussion in the form of a Strategy and Tactics Plan that will drive our work. Once you’ve reviewed and approved this plan, our team will launch your campaign with a custom ad that is drawn from our proprietary ad bank that have been proven to work with other school owners.

This bank of ads is one of the many “secret sauces” of our done-for-you service. These advertisements are the result of years of experimentation and split testing. 

At this point, you will start receiving leads for new students and we will get to work. Over the following 30 days, we will:

  • Split test your ads to allow us to continually optimize your campaign
  • Refine the demographics for your campaign to ensure we are reaching the best target audience
  • Rotate your ads so they don’t get stale with your target audience
  • Address any all technical issues that arise

Then, at the end of the month, our team will host a Zoom meeting with you to review how things are going, brainstorm advertising ideas for the following month, make budget-change recommendations, and discuss other marketing topics on which you want to pick our brain. 

Given our more than 15 years of helping school owners grow their business, many of our clients tell us that this “pick-our-brain” time is one of the most valuable elements of our service.

These 30-minute meetings occur at the end of each month with one of the primary goals being to ensure your advertising messaging fits the unique personality of your school. Some of these meetings may include school owners from other areas so our brainstorming is more productive.

When the leads come in for new students, you will be responsible for contacting them using whatever lead follow-up system you have in place. Depending on what system you use, we may be able to automatically populate it with new leads as they come in.

If you think your lead follow-up system is lacking, we also offer an Automated Lead Conversion System that can reduce the amount of manual work you have to do and significantly improve your conversion rate.

To learn more about our Done-For-You Advertising System, please fill out the form below, send an email to, or call 888-893-8952. When we connect, we can discuss if this service makes sense for your school to help you take full advantage of the Facebook gold mine.

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