Stop Wasting Your Time & Marketing Budget

Developing an online strategy is time consuming.

Honestly, that’s all it is. It’s not difficult work, it’s not rocket science, and you don’t need a PhD to do it. It’s little more than putting in the effort.

The problem for martial arts school owners is that your time is more valuable spent elsewhere. You’re busy teaching classes, reaching out to local schools, working with recreational centers, teaching after school programs, and running summer camps. And those are just the classes and activities you teach…

As a business owner you also have to do the books , manage employees, keep the school clean, and deal with all of the emergencies that seem to pop up every day. On top of that you have to balance your home life and obligations to people outside of the school.

Then, to have a truly comprehensive online strategy you have to build everything from the ground up.

You start with a website.

First you have to design the website, considering everything someone might come to your website for. Then you have to determine how a website can solve your needs… 

  • How do you drive traffic to your website?
  • Do you start with paid traffic or organic traffic?
  • How do you turn website traffic into students?
  • Does social media play a part in your website?
  • How do you get students using social media?

If you focus on organic traffic first you have to do all of the keyword research and write content focused on those keywords you found out. If you pay someone to do that you still have to manage them and hope they don’t run over in hours. The whole time you keep your fingers crossed that the research you did is solid.

Then you wait a couple of weeks and hope that the writing you did boosts you to the front page of Google for keywords. If you don’t show up it can be a guessing game as to why exactly you didn’t show up. Here are some of the questions we’ve asked ourselves over the years:

  • Is the content bad? Do we just not have enough content?
  • Should we join directories? If so, what directories are good? Should we just pay for listings?
  • Is social media not featured prominently enough on the website?
  • Do we need a blog? If so, how often should we post? What are good topics?
  • What about content marketing – what in the world is that and how do we build it out?

For Paid Traffic you have to first figure out where you will be spending your money. Which of the numerous paid advertising avenues will you use?

  • Google PPC Ads?
  • Facebook Ads?
  • Twitter Ads?
  • Google Retargeting Campaigns?
  • Facebook Retargeting Campaigns?

How will you convert this new traffic to your website into potential students? Each traffic source is unique so you have to consider it everytime you start a new marketing outreach campaign.

Martial Arts Marketing Network has already answered all of these questions.

We know how to generate leads.

We know how to get you ranked on the first page.

We know what kind of content needs to be on your website.

We know what kind of paid advertising you should do.

We’ve answered all of your questions already. We know Martial Arts Marketing. We specialize in online marketing.

Over a decade ago we partnered up with Master Chan Lee of Milwaukee, WI. With 6 schools in the greater Milwaukee area Master Chan Lee is one of the top school owners in the country. He knows how to market a martial arts school.

With 10+ years in the martial arts industry we have seen the digital landscape transform. We’ve kept up with all of the changes and we know exactly what marketing will get you new students.

Here’s what you get when you sign up with Martial Arts Marketing Network:

The Ultimate Lead Generating Website

Our Website has been fine tuned over 10+ years and we know exactly how to get you leads. Your website will include…

Front Page Google Rankings (Search Engine Optimization)

We know exactly how to rocket your school’s website to the front page. Let us do it for you.

15 + Professionally Written Website Pages

All of our websites come with pre-written content. This content is part of our SEO strategy designed to put you at the top of your local rankings.

Lead Generating Forms on Site & Contact Us Page

In order for your website to be worth it you need a return on investment. To get that ROI you need lead forms on your website.

We’ve built out a complex system of lead generation that sends leads right to your inbox. Anytime someone fills out a form on your website you will know right away.

7 Lead Generating Reports & an Ongoing Newsletter

It’s not enough to just have lead forms, you need incentives for users to want to sign up. We have 7 pre-written reports and a pre-written newsletter built into our lead generating system.

Google Pay per Click Ads

Google Pay per Click Ads are the quickest way to paid traffic for your website. We have a winning formula for Pay per Click ads and we’ll set it all up for you.

We Make Website Changes for You (if you want)

If you want to see a change on your website but don’t have the time to make that changes yourself, just email your account manager and we’ll change it for you.

Access to Make Website Changes Yourself

We will give you your own username and password to log in to the back end of your site. There you can make changes, add pages, post to your blog, and just about anything else you can think of.

Complete Tech Support

We handle all of the technical aspects of building a website. Servers, email, domain names, name servers, and everything else. You never have to worry about the infrastructure of your site.

Beyond Your Website

We pride ourselves on our customer support. Beyond setting up your website we provide you with information, tips, and customer support that will help rocket your school to the top. In addition to the website we provide…

On Demand Customer Support

You will have an account manager. If you ever need help with your website, have difficulty making changes, or just have a question in general you can contact your account manager by phone or by email.

Unlimited Phone Consultation

You know that account manager we assigned you? They know TONS about the martial arts industry and online marketing.

If you’ve got questions about running a school or are wondering about market trends you can always call mark l. miller and ask us. If they don’t have an answer right away they know how to find it.

Weekly Advice from Master Chan Lee

Every week Master Chan Lee hosts a conference call exclusively for school owners who are part of the Martial Arts Marketing Network. Learn from a top school ownener how to sky-rocket your business.

Area Exclusivity

We promise we will never work with someone else in your area. That’s because if work with your competitor we aren’t really helping anyone.

Contact us now about our Done-for-You Website and start killing it at martial arts marketing.

Email Pat Morgan at or call him at (262) 470-5920.

You can also use the form on our contact us page here: