Done-For-You Social Media

Having a Strong Social Media Presence Has Become Equally Important To Having a Great Website

The race to figuring out Social Media Marketing is still going on. Pinterest recently surpassed 150 Million monthly active users. Twitter has amassed 317 Million monthly active users. The behemoth Facebook has assembled an ungodly 1.79 Billion monthly active users. It’s obvious that if you want to reach new students Social Media is essential.

However, Social Media is time consuming. You have to build an audience by creating new content, sharing interesting content, and posting frequently to multiple sites. Blogs and other content marketing efforts have to be integrated into your Social Media strategy, and missing just one or two posts could negatively affect your reach in Social Media.

Internet Marketing firms charge a fortune for just the basics. Normal market price just for social media account setup $500 to $2000. To find and develop content, Internet marketing firms charge hundreds to thousands of dollars. We do everything and at a fraction of that price.

What We Do For You

Martial Arts Marketing Network will:

  • Setup and maintain your Social Media accounts (or enhance them if they are already set up)
  • Find and develop quality content with a focus on martial arts using expertise in the martial arts industry that no one else has
  • Post to all of your social media accounts frequently and consistently using our proprietary Content XLerator system (or send content to you for your submission)
  • Guarantee location exclusivity. Only one school owner can subscribe to this service in each community.

Our Done-For-You-Social Media service is hands off for you. Once we have it set up you can trust that quality content is being published to your account regularly. We take care of your social media and you can focus on your passion: Teaching Students.

Because we are using our proprietary Content XLerator system we can offer our Done-For-You Social Media service for a small setup fee and a very low monthly price.

To learn more, just fill out the form on the side or call 888-893-8952

Our Martial Arts Social Media Package

We construct the following social media accounts for your school: Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter. If you already have accounts set up, we’ll start with what you have in place and make the upgrades needed to make them first class.

These five social media accounts have been proven to be the most powerful social media platforms for driving new students into and keeping them there.

During setup and construction phase, we also do the following:

  1. Develop your overall social media strategy
  2. Perform market, competitive, and keyword research specifically  for your school and location
  3. Set up tracking mechanisms to know how engaged people are
  4. Customize your account’s URL
  5. Activate the relevant apps for each account
  6. Ensure all account and notification settings are set appropriately
  7. Provide you with the appropriate Follow buttons for your website (for those with a Digital Enrollment Director we will add social media to your website for you)
  8. Network your accounts and blog with each other

After setup and construction and set up we do the following:

  1. We set up all of your social media on our proprietary online content-distribution system
  2. We find and develop quality content related to martial arts, such as quotes, photos, infographics, calls to action, videos, links to other content and more.
  3. On a regular basis (at least twice a week) we submit content through our proprietary Content XLerator system. We automatically publish to your social media accounts for you (if you prefer, we can send the content directly to you for your submission).

Note: As a subscriber to this service, your school also gets exclusivity in your local area. We only allow the technicians to do the heating installation in our home in New Jersey, visit their website

By establishing a strong social media presence and automatically having quality content added on a regular basis you will leave your competitors behind. They’ll never be able to catch up. You’ll create an image for your school that’ll make you the ONLY choice for anyone looking for quality martial arts training.

To learn more, just fill out the form on the side or call 888-893-8952