The Defense Expert

Add REAL WORLD Family Safety and Self Defense and Instruction To Your Curriculum

Parents are motivated to keep their families safe. Nothing is more precious to a parent than their children. Not everyone is prepared to handle real world threats or trained in real self defense. To help keep their families safe every member – regardless of age – must:

  • Be aware of life’s dangers and alert to their presence
  • Trusting their intuition as an indicator of when to take action
  • Be confident that, if a threat occurs, they’ll know how to take appropriate action

Everyone must be prepared for real world threats and know real world self defense.

Martial Arts Marketing Network is proud to offer a course in real self defense and family safety, developed by US Fighting Systems. This course provides field-proven solutions that prepare families for real world threats.

US Fighting Systems is taught by Dave Young, an internationally recognized defensive tactics trainer who has been teaching police, corrections, and military professionals for over 30 years. Dave offers 70 professional training courses to public safety professionals throughout the world, and has been featured in People Magazine and on CNN. He also hosted the National Geographic documentary Crash Test Human for three years.

The Defense Expert Certification

The Defense Expert course certifies school owners and instructors in US Fighting Systems’ real self defense techniques and teaches how to handle real world threats and encounters. There are no mats, time limits, or referees outside. As a certified instructor you will be able to give your students confidence that they can protect their families. You students will:

  • Know the critical safety indicators and the best strategies for protection from violence
  • Practice the actions they MUST take if a threat ever occurs
  • Understand how to protect themselves from the legal issues that often occur following an attack

Included are the training and marketing tools needed to develop a reputation as the premier family safety and real self defense authority in your area.

This program is designed specifically for parents and their kids of all ages. Techniques are quick to learn, easy to remember, and work within the physical capabilities of the person applying them.

School owners have seen the following benefits from becoming The Defense Expert in their community:

  • Increased enrollments and retention
  • Invites into local schools to address safety policies
  • Money-generating community seminars
  • Local media attention
  • Increased school credibility

These techniques have been repeatedly validated for over 30 years by law enforcement professionals who have limited time for training. These professionals vary in size and skill. All of them love Dave Young’s curriculum.

Sign-up with Martial Arts Marketing Network and US Fightings systems to become the premier real world family safety and self-defense expert in your community.

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Real Self Defense Expert Package

When you become a certified Defense Expert martial arts school, here is what you get:

1. Two days of intensive training with Dave Young on the core certification topics (held several times a year in various US locations).

2. Online resources with advanced training videos, family safety and self-defense tips for students to add to your existing curriculum, and comprehensive information on generating media attention with US Fighting Systems.

3. A local Defense Expert lead-generation website for your martial arts school, which positions you as THE family safety and self-defense expert in your community independent of your martial arts school ownership (see example at: This website includes the Family Safety Toolkit.

4. Listing on, our national website where people can search for a certified Defense Expert school in their area.

5. Access to a wide range of Defense Expert marketing materials, such as posters, postcards, advertisements and media press releases.

6. Association with a public relations campaign to promote our network of Defense Expert schools.

7. Opportunity to get additional US Fighting Systems certifications to expand your curriculum even further and increase your school’s appeal to a wide range of students, including law enforcement, corrections, security and military personnel.

8. Opportunity to generate additional revenues by selling Your Family Defense products in your community.


Given the established credibility of this program (developed by Vistelar, Dave Young’s background, and having been used on the street with the most violent of criminals for over 30 years) we should be charging thousands dollars to become a certified instructor. This allows you to position yourself as The Defense Expert in your local community. Plus the website, listing, ongoing marketing support, and more we should be charging hundreds of dollars per month. However, we want every community to have a Defense Expert.

We’re offering our US Fighting Systems Defense Expert Certification for a small initial fee and a very low monthly price.

To learn more, just fill out the form on the side or call 888-893-8952

Note: Multiple-Service Discounts Are Available

For an additional fee, Dave will come to your location to provide the in-person training. During Dave’s visit, he will also provide a workshop for your students and guests on real family self defense.

Unique attributes of US Fighting Systems tactics

  • Gross-motor-skills-based – most tactics requires just three steps to apply
  • Effective regardless of strength and physical size limitations
  • Same technique for both standing, sitting and ground defense
  • Many tactics don’t require pain to be effective
  • Medically sound – uses anatomically correct techniques
  • Courtroom defensible – no terminology confusion
  • Tactically sound – proven in real-world situations