Charles Chi, Chi’s Martial Arts Training Center, Lindenhurst, NY

Like many school owners I have spent countless hours and what seems like endless amount of money on marketing. With all the complexities of the Internet and keeping up with the technology of our time, I must admit that I was frustrated with the results.

But all that has changed for us now.

I joined The Martial Arts Marketing Network and now every aspect of our school marketing operations has improved dramatically. Our Digital Enrollment Director web-site provides new leads each and every week. In addition, the website provides a secured student section to add training materials and videos. Weekly tele-conferencing calls keep me up-to-date with fresh ideas for business growth and innovative staff development tools.

I would HIGHLY recommend MAMN to all school owners looking to take their school to the next level and streamline marketing operations.

Steve Park, Master Park Black Belt America, Marlboro, NJ

I would just like to thank you for the new website. In one word, it is awesome!

In no time the site was up and running. I also found the customer service for the site to be excellent. The DED team is very helpful when it comes to any questions we may have. I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak to Miss Caitlin about the site.

The concept behind the website’s ideas seem to be a highly effective way to bring in to you regarding the Digital Enrollment Director. I’ve been using the DED for about four months now and already have received over 35 leads, converted over twenty students, and grossed over $20,000 dollars in my short time use.

The DED is much more than just a website. My old website had great content, outstanding visuals, but nobody could find me in the vastness of the Internet. The DED is a comprehensive program designed to successfully market your martial arts school in your area — so in essence it’s a personal enrollment manager for the Internet. If you are a school owner and you want a presence on the Internet I highly recommend this Digital Enrollment Director for you.