The Martial Arts Marketing Network (MAMN) is focused on allowing you to spend your time doing what you love. That’s why, over the years, we’ve developed the following wide range of products and services.

For All Clients

Weekly Conference Call

If you are a client for any of the products and services below, you have the opportunity to participate in our weekly conference call where Master Chan Lee and other top school owners discuss a range of topics aimed at helping you grow your school, such as marketing, merchandising, staff development, and operations.

Membership Site

All of our clients get access to a private website where they can access recordings of the weekly call and get a wealth of other information focused on martial arts school growth. Here you will find training videos, marketing materials and more.

Internet Marketing

Done-For-You Website

Our Digital Enrollment Director (DED) was first developed in 2007 and is one of our most popular offerings today. The DED’s single goal is to generate online leads for your martial arts school without you needing to know anything about the Internet.

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Done-For-You Social Media

To take your Internet marketing to the next level beyond the DED, you need a strong social media presence. With this service, we set everything up, find and develop quality content and, on a weekly basis, submit it to all your accounts — with you doing no work.

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Student Membership Site

Our Digital Dojo enables you to have a private online site that only your students can access. Anything you want to keep private (e.g., class schedules, curriculum, policies and procedures, training videos, personal contact information) can be posted here.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the process of creating and sharing relevant, valuable, story-driven content – in multiple media formats – to attract, convert and retain students. The two services above included content marketing — and here are two more.

Content XLerator

This proprietary technology enables school owners to create and send video (+ more) everywhere at once, simple fast and easy. Content XLerator integrates seamlessly with the Digital Enrollment Director and the Social Media Marketing System.

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Video Subscription

This service provides you with an expertly-produced video every month that you can use in emails and add to your website and social media accounts. We create a wide-range of video types including talking head, animation and white board.

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New Curriculum

The Bully Expert

The Verbal Martial Arts training and marketing program enables you to position yourself as the recognized ant-bullying authority in your local area. Each of our Bully Expert schools operate within an exclusive territory.

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The Defense Expert

The US Fighting System training and marketing program enables you to develop a reputation as the premier family safety and self-defense authority in your local area — and is based on real-world defense tactics.

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Active Shooter Expert

Every K-12 school must prepare for an attack by an active shooter and must know how to respond should an attack occur. This blended training program enables you to be the recognized active shooter authority in your local area.

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Book Publishing

Master Mental Toughness (Custom) – by Dr. Peder N. Piering

Master Mental Toughness: Insights Into Peek Performance Through Modern Day Science and the Ancient Martial Arts is the best book available to promote the value of martial arts to your students and their parents. Customizable with your school information at the back.

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Done-For-You Book Author

There is no better way to enhance your credibility than to become a published author. With this service you can become a published author in conjunction with, Dr. Peder Piering, a leading clinical and sport psychologist.

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Confidence In Conflict (Series) – by the Consultants At Vistelar

Making available in your school this series of books (Confidence In Conflict — For Everyday Life; For Sports Officials; For Campus Life; For Healthcare Professionals) positions you as the local expert on how to manage conflict.

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School Management

Automation Software

Our software solution automates most of the tasks associated with attendance tracking, student communication, tuition collection, student rank tracking and social media marketing — and integrates seamlessly with the Digital Enrollment Director.

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Prospect Followup

Telemarketing Services

One of the primary goals of all our services is to generate leads. However, leads are of no value if they are not nurtured and turned into customers — which is why we developed this inbound and outbound telemarketing services program.

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Staff Management

Instructor Certification

Anyone who works with children should be subjected to a background check. But, often, no check is done or the check performed is inadequate. This services enables you to simply & cost-effectively perform a thorough background check on your instructors.

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Consulting Services

Over the years we’ve found that, as a martial arts school grows, it often struggles with developing their staff to make the transition as the needs of the school change. We provide consulting services to help schools through this transition.

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