The Martial Arts Marketing Network (MAMN) is focused on allowing you to spend your time doing what you love.

We do this by providing products and services to assist with:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • New Curriculum
  • School Management
  • Prospect Followup
  • Staff Development

Below is an overview of our services. Click on the links provided to learn more.

Sales and Marketing

Weekly Conference Call and Membership Site

All of our clients have the opportunity to learn from Master Chan Lee, other members of the MAMN team (see About Us) and each other (many of North America’s top school owners are our clients) on a conference call that’s held each week. This call is devoted to the latest marketing strategies and tactics for growing a martial arts school and retaining students.

As a MAMN client you will be invited to dial into this call every Tuesday. If you can’t make it, the call is recorded and is made available (along with all past calls) on the Martial Arts Marketing membership site.

The MAMN membership site also offers a wealth of other information focused on school growth.

Also, because — for most of our services — our clients have exclusive territories, the entire network of MAMN team-members and clients is available as a resource with no competitive issues to worry about.


Internet Marketing

Done-For-You Website

Every martial arts school needs a strong website presence but keeping up with Internet marketing’s rapid and ongoing changes is almost impossible. That’s why we first developed the Digital Enrollment Director (DED) in 2007 and why it continues to be one of our most popular offerings today.

Due to Internet advances over the years, the DED is now in its fifth generation of infrastructure and a sixth is in process. As a result of our ongoing R&D efforts, MAMN’s clients are ensured their online presence is using the latest technology.

The DED has a single goal — to generate leads for our client’s school without the client having to know anything about Internet marketing or spend any time on Internet marketing.

We start with a comprehensive master website with scores of pages, several reports, an emailed newsletter, special offers and multiple methods for customers to make contact (call, submit an online form, purchase a special offer) — and then we customize this master site for the specific school (e.g., add location information, school logo, instructor biographies).

The end result is an online presence that positions our clients as the recognized authority in their community.

Then, on an ongoing basis, we take care of everything for a low monthly fee: search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (Google Adwords), regular content additions and citation listings — all optimized for the keyword terms people are searching on to find a martial arts school.

For many of our clients, the DED is their #1 source of leads.

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Done-For-You Social Networking

It used to be that having a good website was all that was required for an effective Internet marketing program. Over the last couple of years, having a strong social media presence has become equally important.

Social networking provides “social signals” to the search engines (a critical factor in search rankings) and ensures a school has multiple listings when someone searches on the school’s name. However, most importantly, it increases social engagement between the local community and a martial arts school. Social media is the new referral network.

However, with the number of social media networks (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest) and the need to add content on a regular basis, it’s too complicated and time consuming to do social networking right on an ongoing basis.

That’s why we developed the Social Media Marketing System.

Here is how this works.

1. We construct the following social media accounts for your school: Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn (if you already have accounts set up, we’ll start with what you have in place and make the upgrades needed to make them first class)

2. We set up your school on our proprietary online content-distribution system that includes connections to all your social media accounts.

3. We find and develop quality content related to martial arts, such as quotes, photos, infographics, calls to action, videos, links to other content and more.

4. On a regular basis (at least twice a week) we submit content through our proprietary system and it is automatically published to your social media accounts.

Once we get the system set up, this service is completely hands off. You have nothing to do other than watch your social media accounts get regularly updated with new, fresh content.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the process of creating and sharing relevant, valuable, story-driven content – in multiple media formats – to attract, convert and retain customers in a target market. It’s the best approach to becoming a market’s recognized authority – resulting in more customers, higher prices, greater loyalty and lower marketing costs.

When we add content on a regular basis to our client’s Digital Enrollment Director, that’s content marketing. And, our Social Media Marketing System is all about content marketing.

Beyond these two services, we offer two others to help our clients dominate the Internet in their local area via content marketing:


Content XLerator

This is a proprietary technology developed by our sister company — Business XLerator — that enables school owners to create and send video (+ more) everywhere at once, simple fast and easy.

It provides a single interface from which school owners can do all their content marketing using video, audio, image and text. You can use this system to record and submit content to your website and social media accounts, capture testimonials from your students, send video/audio emails, share large files and more.

Content XLerator integrates seamlessly with the Digital Enrollment Director and the Social Media Marketing System. For more information, please visit:

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Video Subscription

This service provides our clients with an expertly-produced video every month they can use to promote their school.

Video has become the driving force for online marketing results because it crushes text in customer engagement (e.g., longer site stays, higher click-through rates and greater purchase likelihood).

We produce a great video of various types (e.g., talking head, animation, white board) each month and send our clients an email that includes a play link (when a customer clicks on this link, a new window opens where the video plays, several download links (which, when clicked, downloads the video file to a local computer) and an embed code (for embedding the video onto a website). Click here to see some sample videos.

School owners who want to completely dominate the Internet in their local community can select a combination of the above services that meets their specific needs.

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New Curriculum

The Bully Expert

Bullying is one of the biggest issues facing kids, parents and schools. Everybody is scrambling for answers. In fact the US Department of Education requires schools to have an anti-bullying program in place or risk losing federal funding.

In response, the Martial Arts Marketing Network teamed up with our sister company —Vistelar — to develop the Verbal Martial Arts in 2009. Vistelar is the leading conflict management training company in the world with over 30 years of on-the-street experience.

Today, we have hundreds of clients throughout the world teaching Verbal Martial Arts in their school and, because we offer exclusive territories, positioning themselves as the recognized anti-bullying authority in their local area.

Verbal Martial Arts is based on Vistelar’s world-renowned Verbal Defense & Influence program that trains professionals in multiple disciplines (law enforcement, education, healthcare, business) how to minimize conflict and, if conflict occurs, prevent it from escalating to emotional or physical violence. Verbal Defense & Influence is offered via both live and online training programs and is the subject of five published books.

Our clients have seen the following business-building benefits by being The Bully Expert in their community.

  • Increased child enrollments and retention
  • Invites into local schools to provide anti-bullying workshops
  • Money-generating community seminars
  • Local media attention
  • Increased school credibility

The Verbal Martial Arts Course allows you to have a dramatic impact on the lives of the kids in your area and, at the same time, grow your school.

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US Fighting Systems

Turn on the television, listen to the radio, or read the local newspaper. The world is definitely a dangerous place — so parents are motivated to keep their families safe. Every member of a family – regardless of age – must:

  • Be aware of life’s dangers and alert to their presence
  • Trusting their intuition as an indicator of when to take action
  • Be confident that, if a threat occurs, they’ll know how to take appropriate action

In other words, they must be prepared.

US Fighting Systems, the world leader in real-world family safety and self-defense systems, provides a field-proven solution to address this need. It is taught by Dave Young, a internationally recognized defensive tactics trainer who has been teaching police, corrections, and military professionals for over 30 years.

This curriculum is very different from many other self-defense programs within the martial arts industry. It is taught to handle REAL WORLD encounters, where there are no mats, time limits, or referees.

Becoming certified in US Fighting Systems gives you the training and marketing tools to develop a reputation as the premier family safety and self-defense authority in your area.

This program is designed specifically for parents and their kids of all ages – with techniques that are quick to learn, easy to remember, and work within the physical capabilities of the person applying them.

Our clients have seen the following business-building benefits by being The Defense Expert in their community.

  • Increased enrollments and retention
  • Invites into local schools to address safety policies
  • Money-generating community seminars
  • Local media attention
  • Increased school credibility

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Active Shooter Facilitator Program

Every K-12 school must prepare for an attack by an active shooter and must know how to respond should an attack occur.

However, most schools don’t have the resources to provide the entire staff with the needed training using a traditional approach. This a huge training gap.

That is why we teamed up with our sister company —Vistelar — to develop the Active Shooter Facilitator Program designed specifically for martial arts schools to provide the needed to training to their local schools. Vistelar is the leading conflict management training company in the world with over 30 years of on-the-street experience.

With this unique “blended-training” approach, school staff first go through an online program (Campus Safety: Strategies For Surviving An Active Shooter) in a self-paced manner and then attend a live program taught by the martial arts professional.

The goal of this program is to enable schools to get this needed training — in an simple, fast and affordable way — to increase the chance of surviving an active shooter attack.

With this “blended” program, school staff complete the online program first. Then the school-owner’s job is to deliver live training using the facilitator workbook to supervise activities and role-playing scenarios.

Our clients have seen the following business-building benefits by being School Safety Expert in their community.

  • Increased enrollments and retention
  • Invites into local schools to address active shooter training needs
  • Money-generating community seminars
  • Local media attention
  • Increased school credibility

Martial arts schools also have the opportunity to purchase the program for their own use as well as resell just the online program to their local schools.

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Published Author Program 

There is no better way to enhance your credibility than to become a published author. People can’t question your authority if you’ve “written the book about it.”

That’s why we have teamed up with Dr. Peder Piering and Truths Publishing to enable school owners to co-author a book with one of the leading sport psychologists in the world.

The title of this 150 page professionally-written book is ”


Master Mental Toughness and
Gain the Competitive Edge

Insights into Peak Performance Through Modern
Day Science and the Ancient Martial Arts

Dr. Peder Piering
Clinical and Sport Psychologist


Your Name Here
Martial Arts Authority


When you sign up for this program, we will customize this book with your name and title on the cover, your photo and biography on the back, a section in the book’s introduction that highlights your background and experience, an author page with your photo and an extended biography, a description of your school in the appendix, an epilogue written by you, a promotional page with information on how to contact your school.

Then, you can purchase copies of your book for some or all of the following purposes:

  • Given free to all new prospects
  • Sold in school’s store
  • Given free to all new students
  • Provided for free to local k-12 school libraries

This program is the ultimate credibility builder for you and your school. You will be a published author.

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School Management

Kicksite School Management Software

One of the biggest challenges in running a martial arts school is being efficient with all the administrative tasks. In our experience school owners want to spend less time in the office and more time on the mats.

That’s why we have teamed up with Kicksite, the leading provider of martial arts school management software that automates most of the tasks associated with attendance tracking, student communication, tuition collection, student rank tracking and social media marketing. Like all our of our services, Kicksite was created for martial artists by martial artists.

In 2015, we got our two technology teams working together to develop a seamless integration between our Digital Enrollment Director (DED) and the Kicksite student management system. This integration enables all leads captured by the DED to be automatically entered into the Kicksite lead nurturing system.

The partnership of the Martial Arts Marketing Network and Kicksite allows you to streamline your workflow and grow your business.

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Prospect Followup

Inbound/Outbound Telemarketing Services

One of the primary goals of all of Martial Arts Marketing Network’s services is to generate leads.

That’s the focus of our weekly webinars, Internet and content marketing services, specialized curriculum and partnership with Kicksite.

However, leads are of no value if they are not nurtured and turned into customers.

For a martial arts school to be successful, it must have an efficient and effective prospect followup system.

The Digital Enrollment Director with its built in autoresponders and our content marketing services help with this requirement. However, there is still a need for manual work to call, email and text prospects to take them through the multiple steps to schedule intro lessons and follow-up meetings to turn them into customers.

That’s why we have teamed up with a national call center to provide inbound and outbound telemarketing services to martial arts schools.

This company has deep expertise in the martial arts industry and can put together a custom telemarketing program to meet a school’s specific needs.

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Staff Development

Individual School Consulting Services

Over the years we’ve found that, as a martial arts school grows, it often struggles with developing their staff to make the transition as the needs of the school change.

In our weekly conference calls, Master Chan Lee often shares his insights on staff development but, in recent years, we’ve also offered individual-school consulting services to assist school owners with the critical issue — with astounding results.

Given that Master Chan Lee has grown his school to six locations and with Dave Young‘s background and experience in professional training for a wide range of disciplines, the Martial Arts Marketing Network has deep expertise in developing staff to take on the challenges of school growth.

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