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Traditional marketing  like print, direct mail, and telemarketing are dead. Local businesses, like martial arts schools, need to have an online presence. Many martial arts school owners do not have the time, energy, or the knowledge to make a martial arts website. Because they cannot make a website they hire someone. However, 95% of local business owners have one of these problems with their website:

  • Their website doesn’t show up in Google and gets few visitors
  • Their website generates few if any leads for new students
  • The website becomes too hard and expensive to maintain
  • Does nothing more for their school

Martial Arts Marketing Network developed the Digital Enrollment Director in 2007 to solve these problems for martial arts school owners and provide the ultimate martial arts website.

The Digital Enrollment DirectorMartial Arts Website About Us Page

We do everything. We install the system, customize it for your school and location, manage a comprehensive search marketing and advertising campaign, maintain all technical elements of the system, provide ongoing client support, and stay up-to-date on all Internet advancements so we can enhance the system over time.

This way school owners can focus on their passion while we sweat the technical stuff.

Mobile Responsive Martial Arts WebsiteDrag and drop services like Wix and Squarespace do some of this. However, the websites they make are not built for martial arts schools and do not generate leads. With services like Wix and SquareSpace it’s your responsibility to maintain the website, upload content, and manage the website costing you time and money you may not have. These website services lack the ability to provide services like content marketing, which help martial arts schools get to the top and stay there.

We innovate by keeping up with the latest online marketing trends. We test different online marketing strategies and only use the best to market your school. Your martial arts website is always on the cutting edge.

Martial Arts Marketing Network does ALL of the work for your website and you get this service exclusive to your area.

The result is that tons of hot leads arrive via email and telephone. Then prospects sign up at a record pace because they come in convinced your school is their top choice.

For many of our clients, the DED is their #1 source of leads.

We do all of this so you don’t have to.

To learn more, just fill out the form on the side or call 888-893-8952


Here is what you get when you sign up for the Digital Enrollment Director:

1. Exclusivity in your local area. Only one school per community is allowed a Digital Enrollment Director.

2. All of the following elements of our Digital Enrollment Director system:

  • Multi-page, mobile optimized school website for your school with the ability to change/add content (videos, audio files, photos, images, text) — or we’ll do this for you
  • Seven add-on websites for enhanced search engine rankings: Martial Arts Expert, Kids Martial Arts, Martial Arts For Families, Adult Martial Arts Fitness, After School Expert, Local Birthday Party, Better Kids Institute (see below)
  • All graphics, photos, and website copy, which has been search-engine optimized for your school and location
  • Multiple methods of lead capture
  • Several professionally-written reports and multi-step email newsletters

3. Customized graphics, photos and text

4. Continual and aggressive search marketing work

  • Regular submission of your school information to local business directories (“citation listings”)
  • Management of a comprehensive Google advertising campaign
  • Regular submission of school information to the top national martial arts school directories
  • Listing on the Better Kids Institute national website
  • Creation of a custom search marketing report that is sent to you each month

5. Ongoing creation of professional content that gets automatically posted to your Digital Enrollment Director online system via our syndication network

6. Regular conference calls with Master Chan Lee and other clients where the latest and most effective curriculum and marketing ideas are exchanged

7. Association with a global public relations campaign to promote our network of Better Kids Institute schools

8. Optional additional features and functionality for those who want to do even more with their online system:

9. Add ons to websites specific to the services you offer

Building a martial arts website like the Digital Enrollment Director yourself would cost at least $20,000 and probably a lot more. Then, the monthly services would cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

Because we start with a martial arts website template system and provide a custom version to schools throughout the world (on an area-exclusive basis), we can offer our Done-For-You Website service for a small setup fee and a very low monthly price.

To learn more, just fill out the form to the side or call 888-893-8952

Note: Multiple-Service Discounts Are Available


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