The race to figuring out Social Media Marketing is still going on. LinkedIn has 106 Million monthly active users. Pinterest just surpassed 150 Million monthly active users. Twitter has amassed 317 Million monthly active users. The behemoth Facebook has assembled an ungodly 1.79 Billion monthly active usersmaking a Facebook audience critical to success.

It’s your job to leverage your audiences on social media to enroll new students. Before that you need to build your audience of current students, their parents, and possible new students .

Here’s 6 steps you to help build your Facebook audience.


Friend Your Adult Students and the Parents of Younger Students

Find your students and their parents on Facebook and friend them. This is where you will start building the foundation of your Facebook audience.

Set aside an hour, go to the search bar at the top of the Facebook homepage, and search them by name or email address. You should already have their emails via an email list at . If you cannot find your students or their parents by name or email address they don’t want to be found. You should respect their privacy and just leave it.

Get your Students and Their Parents to Like Your Page

Your students and their parents will be the foundation of your Facebook audience. There are two ways that you can get your students and their parents to like your page:

Invite people to like your page on Facebook. Go to your page, click the more tab, and select “Invite Friends.” After that select everyone and invite them. IF you have trouble search “How to invite friends to like Facebook pages” on Google. There are lots of tutorials and resources available.

Ask if they have seen your Facebook Page.
If the parent has and has liked you’re page you are golden! If they have not seen your page or have not like it you should give them a reason to like the page. Basics such as “We post updates to the page and there’s contact information available there.” are simple and effective.

Know What Content Your Students Like and Post It

Only 1-3% of the people who like your school’s page will see posts from it until you put money behind it UNLESS that post gets reactions, comments, and shares. This is how you will start to grow your Facebook audience without spending lots of money.

The number of people who see a post organically (that is, see a post without advertising the post or purchasing a post boost) decreased in 2014. Some experts estimate the number of people who see a post organically is as low as 1-3% of a page’s fans (or likes) will see a post organically. By posting content that your students and their parents engage with the number of people who see a post will increase beyond that meager 1-3%.

Figuring out what your students and their parents like is as simple as looking at their Facebook profiles. Take notes and figure out how you can start creating the type of content your students like. If you can’t make that type of content find a student who you can employ to help you out in this area.

Post Content Natively

Design content for the platform you post it on – ALWAYS! Make sure that you create content with the intent of posting it to Facebook. When you make poor content you lose likes (people hide your posts from their feed) and reduce your Facebook audience.

Just like you wouldn’t use the same ad for radio and television, you shouldn’t use the same post on Instagram and Facebook. They are different mediums and what works for one medium breaks the experience on another so look here now it’s resulting in people not only ignoring your content, but eventually unliking your page. 

Facebook content should focus first on videos, second on photos. Never post just text to your page – people might read it but they won’t engage with it and that drives down your pages statistics.

Post Frequently and Consistently

Silicon Valley likes to use the phrase “Fail fast, fail often.” This attitude works for social media as well because social media needs to be done a fast pace. If you’re too afraid to fail with social media posts you’ll never figure out what works and you will stagnate.

Posting frequently has numerous benefits but primarily frequent posts give you constant feedback. With that feedback you can continue to improve your posts with content similar to what does well and what doesn’t. Also, posting frequently increases the reach of your page to more people.

Be consistent in the type of content you post. When you post content of a similar type, tone, and quality to what did well in the past pushes your engagement up!


If Something Does Well, Put Money Behind It

As mentioned earlier, only 1-3% of a page’s fans see the posts of that page kicrestoration. That number can be increased by paying Facebook and “boosting” a post. Boost posts that get organic engagement to reach a much larger audience.

If a post does well, regardless of whether it’s a call to action or not, you should be boosting it so that you can garner as many likes as you can.

More people liking your page means it is easier to reach people with deals, sales, and other calls to action.

That’s it! If you have any questions please feel free to message me at


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