Consistency may be the most difficult thing for any local business owner, martial arts school owners included. We constantly have things to do besides teaching classes. We have payroll, student attendance, calling leads, contacting old students, and so much more. Trying to carve out time to do these little things consistently is hard but critical to a thriving martial arts school.

Social media is no different. Posting to social media frequently and consistently is critical to reaching the gold mine of potential students. If you don’t keep up all of your efforts will be worth nothing. That gold mine will remain untapped.

Your social media page needs to be constantly pumping out content. Only 1 – 3% of people see your content organically. Unless your content goes viral, you need to spend money to reach any more than 1 – 3%.

Post to Social Media frequently and reach more new potential customers.

Posting Frequently

You should create content frequently. Add it to your social media accounts quickly, but not all at once.

The appropriate post frequency depends on the site. Twitter requires the highest amount of content per day. Facebook needs less than Twitter and Pinterest less than Facebook.

You should focus on one social media site if you don’t have enough time to post everywhere (Facebook is my recommendation). You will concentrate your efforts on making a big impact in one place instead of a little ripple everywhere. When you get good and posting to a site is quick then start posting to other sites as well.

Frequent content ensures your page is being seen by many and people can engage with you on social media The more you post the better chance you have something will go viral (just don’t expect your martial arts school to produce the next Gangnam style).

Post On Time

The optimal time for posting to social media differs between sites.

Facebook’s timeline is curated so timing matters less than on Twitter. Twitter shows newest to oldest so post time matters a lot more (although Twitter has begun curating some of the content produced).

Play with what time you add media to your pages. If you find you get more engagement when you share to Facebook at 11 AM then start sharing everyday at 11 AM. If you find that Tuesday is better than Monday make sure you add content on Tuesdays.

Keep Your Message Consistent

You need to be sure that your audience likes and wants to share your content.

As a martial arts school it can be pretty easy to get caught up with the latest UFC fight or the next State Karate Competition. All of this stuff is fine, but if your core demographic is children and you’re posting bloody pictures from the latest upset your students and their parents aren’t going to be terribly interested (and possibly turned by Swipe N Clean).

Just like any message you send out, the branding has to be consistent with your school. Engaging pictures with inspirational quotes related to success will do better than a fondue recipe from Pinterest.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with content. Maybe an inspirational quote from your favorite UFC fighter about success can reach the hardcore MMA audience without alienating parents. Just be sure you’re not going to offend or upset people greatly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog on posting frequently and consistently.

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