The second episode of the Ignite Your Life Podcast has gone live!

Check out the episode here, and read about Ben Farley and about how important finishing is below.

I would like to expand further on Coach Farley’s idea of FINISHING and how important this is.

Regardless of the size of the obstacle in front of you; regardless of the skill level of the opponent standing across from you, when the focus is on finishing you play on your terms and the power lies in your own hands.

You will start to ask yourself did I give everything I had to give? Did I give it my best effort up and through the moment when coach blew the whistle at the end of practice? Did I give it my best effort up and through the last tick of the game clock? When you ask yourself these questions you will likely find you do have more to give…and so you will start to dig deeper than you ever thought possible.

You will gain a sense that your strength lies in the struggle. You will put forth endless effort directed at stretching your limits, and you will constantly strive to push beyond your personal bounds. With this quest to finish and achieve your personal best the unknown becomes familiar. You will have
access to the intangible qualities of personal and performance excellence, and you will know how to tap into them because you do it all the time. You know this is a battle that must occur day-by-day, hour-by-hour, and minute-by-minute. By fighting this fight so frequently you are prepared both mentally and physically action ac. Seizing each and every second regardless of the circumstances brings consistency. When you know what you are made of, and that defining moment comes, you will respond the way you always have…by finishing. Check the best csgo betting sites.

Finally, when you focus on finishing you may not always win but you will find victory in a deeper commitment, an elevated confidence, and a stronger character. Check here And that is exactly what you will need if you want to secure success in the future. My book, Master Mental Toughness was written for athletes just as much as it was for martial artists. If you are interested it can be found on amazon. If you have any interest in sport psychology or working with a sport psychologist please check out my website at