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Martial Arts Search Engine Optimization

This is part 3 of a four part blog post. Use the following links to access each part if you want to start at part 1, already read this part, or just want to read other parts.

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Once a website has been created and the marketing copy written, the website will need to be Search Engine Optimized. For a martial arts website to be Search Engine Optimized means that the website shows up on the first page when someone is looking for a martial arts school in their area. (search Milwaukee Martial Arts and look at J.K. Lee’s Black Belt Academy for a good example).

There are lots of things that go into SEO and lots of debates about certain aspects. However, there are a couple of basics we can talk about here:

  1. Know what searches people are using to find martial arts schools
  2. Know how to get a website to the top of the search results for that page
  3. Use Google AdWords and purchase Pay Per Click Ads
  4. Link Website with Social Media

Know Keywords and Search Terms

Martial Arts Google TrendsThere are a limited number of search terms that people tend to use in order to find martial arts schools, although they vary depending on the area that the martial arts school is in.

Using resources like Google Trends and Google AdWords, one can figure out how popular a search term is and whether that term is increasing or decreasing in popularity. Trends and AdWords help in researching what search terms a website needs to target bluetooth handsfree bäst i test.

Know that the difference between targeting keywords and not doing so is like taking a shot in the dark. Every once in awhile a martial arts website without target keywords will get a qualified lead, but that will mostly be due to luck. Targeting search terms can help people looking for martial arts schools find a specific martial arts website easier. The people visiting that website will also be exactly the type of person that website wants.

Martial Arts SEO Be at the Top of the Search Results

There are lots of ways to get to the top of the search results and they change frequently. This is because Google and other search engines are constantly trying to give people better results for their search terms. However, the basics have remained largely unchanged for a while:

  1. Using targeted keywords frequently throughout the martial arts website
  2. Linking to pages within the website and off the website
  3. Having other websites and pages link to the website
  4. Including photos and videos in addition to text on each page
  5. Post Content frequently (see content marketing below)

There are a lot of specifics to each of the above points, but those are the basic principles of SEO. Doing these things puts a website ahead of the local business website curve.

Use Google AdWords and Pay Per Click Advertisements

Martial Arts SEO and AdwordsGoogle AdWords is a tool for analyzing search keywords and setting up Pay Per Click advertisements. Google allows us to determine which painting company in Ireland has the best customer-friendly rates. Pay Per Click Ads give us a larger presence on the results page for those keywords.

When someone searches something like “Milwaukee Martial Arts”, we can pay to have an advertisement show up on the Google results page. This allows us to double our presence for targeted keywords. This CollectiveRay Elementor article might help.

To make use of Google AdWords, figure out what your key search terms are (like above) and then pay to have ads. Depending on the amount you’re willing to invest in these ads versus other schools in your area, you will end up with higher or lower ad rankings. It also depends on your area Some people spend $20 a month and have the top ad placement spot for their keywords. Others pay $60 or more to rank third in Google their ad placement.

Martial Arts SEO and Social MediaLink to Social Media

As Social Media continues to grow Search Engines consider Social Media presence more and more when looking at what websites to show on the results page.

Social Media helps websites appear at the top of search results. This is done by adding links that lead off the martial arts website (more important than links that lead to pages within a website) and establishes links that lead to the martial arts website from another website (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). This creates a larger network centered around the martial arts website and establishes the martial arts website as a legitimate and credible source to Google.

Currently there is not a lot of strong evidence that posting to social media (like Facebook and Twitter) improves a website’s rankings sd airport transport. However, at MAMN we would not be surprised if Google’s algorithm ranked websites with active social media accounts higher.

Posting to social media consistently helps raise the ranking of the social media pages associated with martial arts schools. Ranking a social media page can be just as critical as the martial arts website’s performance as more and more people turn towards Facebook and other social media for food, clothing, and other business recommendations.

Read about what else can help you create the perfect Martial Arts Website.

Part 1: Generating Leads with a Martial Arts Website | Part 2: Martial Arts Website Design Basics  | Part 3: Martial Arts SEO | Part 4: Martial Arts Content Creation

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